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Thai NDT?

I'd be interested in hearing from those of you on any of the Thai brands (to my knowledge, there are three - Thyroid-S, Thiroyd, and TR Man). Lately, I have given some serious thought to switching to Thai NDT. Given all the problems with prescription NDT (only Armour and Erfa are available where I live), as well as cost, I figured why not try Thai NDT and see if I get more results for less money...I have found an intra-community supplier for Thyroid-S, but no other Thai NDT drug...

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Hi I just come back on this site after joining stoo the thyroid madness site a lady on there gets thyroid s off a well known site.

im on thyroxine and on a trial of t3 frommy oncologist to see if may lift my chronic fatigue.

let me know how u get on


I have not decided yet if I should go down that road...many seem happy with Thai NDT, and it's true that it is cheaper than prescription NDT (even if this intra-community site that sells Thyroid-S charges 48 USD for 120 pills, which is more expensive than ordering it directly from the source...but I'd be willing to pay for the certainty that customs won't confiscate the shipment...).

I'd be interested in hearing from as many as possible on any brand of Thai NDT, before making my mind up...if it turned out, for instance, that more people do better on Thiroyd or TR Man than on Thyroid-S, I'd have to decide whether or not to order it from Thailand, and always wonder if it will arrive or not...recently, I had a shipment from Russia (containing supplements) confiscated by customs. The problem was solved by the seller who simply reshipped them from neighbouring Estonia...which turned it into an intra-community shipment. The shipment arrived within two days, no problems whatsoever.

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Started Thyroid S a week ago . After four days i went from one tab to two .So far not noticed any difference from T4.


I have been taking Thyroid-S since June 2014 and feel it has made a huge difference. I have not tried the other two.


.I take thiroyd with some nature throid, haven't went all thiroyd yet but it is the real deal according to labs....


<on-line source> sells thyroid s £40.00 1000 pills


thyroid s here to, only been on it for nearly 5 months and haven't found the right dose yet (overmedicated as increased to fast) but even as I am now I feel so much better than before so high hopes when I get my adrenals sorted and dose right :) I get mine from ...... online source for £40 for 1000. tried another supplier from same source and it arrived in 9 days.

good luck with your journey



I am curious about TR TMan as some users claim they have never felt better, and that it is nothing short of miraculous (those are comments in found in Ray Peat's forum). But hardly anyone seems to know anything about it...I read that, in Thailand, inactive ingredients are considered proprietary, and manufacturers are not obliged to reveal them to the public. That would explain why it's so difficult to get any information about their products...


And if they only sold their products in Thailand, I'd say "This is the Thai way of doing things" and ignore it. The reality is quite something else - they formulate, manufacture, package, distribute and retail their products expressly for non-Thai markets. They promote them on the internet carefully avoiding use of obvious Thai-based domains as a rule.

Let them come out with at least the same level of information as all the other non-Thai companies have to. If you sell to the rest of the world, abide by the practices of the rest of the world.

Ray Peat's forum, insofar as I have looked, seems to be chock full of people with strong opinions but some have questionable reasons for being there. How many of the posters have vested interests?


That is exactly how some describe the STTM...

I agree with you though; it would be nice to get a complete list of ingredients.


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