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Thai NDT?

I realise this question may be controversial but, given all the glowing reviews Thai NDT brands have been getting, I have been asking myself this question: are they as safe as the brands available in pharmacies in North America, Canada, and many EU countries?

I am asking because the US, Canada, and the EU are known to take stringent measures to stop animal diseases such as swine fever at our borders. I know nobody is interested in taking products of inferior quality, so please don't get me wrong. I have been considering ordering Thai NDT given their excellent reviews and low prices compared to US and European prices. I just need to make sure they are manufactured according to the same stringent quality controls...

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You make some valid points. Personally, I use thai product because of the price and reliable delivery. For me, it's that or be ill on levo. Simple as that, no other considerations or options


I don't use it myself, but I do know that medication manufacturers have plenty of "official" centers in Thailand and India. It's the exact same medication just in different packaging. For example I tried the same brand of prescription dandruff shampoo: one was manufactured in the U.S. and one was in India. They looked, felt, and worked exactly the same. But one had a package I couldn't read.

Of course with NDT you are probably running a little extra risk. Based on the number of people who have used Thai NDT I would say it's probably small. If you are really worried about swine flu can't you just get a H1N1 vaccine at your clinic?


Yes, you are probably right...


theCat, I don't think you can assume that Thai NDT meets the same animal welfare and pharmaceutical quality controls as the USA and Canadian brands.


I am afraid you are right about animal welfare and pharmaceutical quality control...


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