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Thai NDT?

I would like to hear from those of you who have tried Thai NDT, preferably both brands (Thyroid-S and Thiroyd).

As far as I understand, both are considered good and reliable brands, and are even the preferable brands of NDT for some. It seems Thiroyd is a lot like old Armour; that is, soft and crunchy, and sweet-tasting.

Thyroid-S, on the other hand, seems to be harder. I read somewhere that it contains a sustained-release substance. That is probably an advantage, as thyroid hormones are usually secreted throughout the day. However, I am not too crazy about some of the ingredients, and I'm especially wary of aluminium. Could it really be good in the long run to take a daily medication containing aluminium? Isn't it stored in the body, and could even reach toxic levels? Sorry if this a stupid question, but I admit to being completely ignorant in this aspect...

If anyone has any feedback on either or both of these products, I'd really appreciate it. The price is very tempting, too, compared to the price of NDT in European pharmacies...!

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Anna69, I thought you had Thiroyd or Thyroid-S confiscated by Belgian customs so why pursue this when you can't import it and you aren't keen on the ingredients?


I just wanted to explore different possibilities, as my options are really limited otherwise...


I take Thyroid and have done for a couple of years. Do I feel well yet - no, but do I feel better than on levo - absolutely!

Not tried Thyroid-S, but other have. It suits some and not others as all the NDT brands do.


I have used both thiroyd and thyroid S as well as Naturethroid and WP by RLC Labs and NP by Acella. The thiroyd made me a little light-headed after a few days and the thyroid S just didn't cut it for me plus I hated all the additives. The NP by Acella is good and is a very tiny pill so there are probably few additives. The Naturethroid is a little chalky to me and doesn't quite 'hit the mark'. The WP (Westhroid Pure) is what I have been taking for the last year now and it is doing great so far.

I was on Armour for years until they reformulated then I switched to Erfa from Canada. When Erfa changed their mfg facilities and messed up Erfa last year, I had to try out different NDTs and find a suitable replacement.

I am pretty sure that the STTM website has a list of various NDT brands and their ingredients including thiroyd and thyroid-s.


Can I ask where you get NP Thyroid? I have not been able to find a single pharmacy in the EU carrying it (I live in Belgium).




Anna.. I am in the states and even here, the supply of NP by Acella is spotty at best .... some pharmacies carry it or can get and others not. You have to call ahead.

Can you get a prescription written for the NP by Acella or any other NDT?


I can get a prescription for either Armour or Erfa, which are the only NDT drugs legally available in Belgium (thanks to Dr. Hertoghe). I guess I'd then have to find a pharmacy willing to order NP Thyroid even if it's not mentioned on the prescription...which should not be impossible, given that they are considered bio-identical (same active ingredients, just different fillers and binders).

Funny that you mention it; I also have the impression (from visiting various US thyroid communities) that NP Thyroid is still rather hard to get, although it has been around for several years...


Anna... if you can get a prescription, I know of a place that will ship the NP internationally. It seems Belgiums' requirements aren't quite as strict as the UK's.


Could you please PM me the address?


So many patients complain about the Erfa reformulation. As far as I know, any reformulation is denied by the manufacturer. Some seem to think the pills are harder and more crunchy now...cannot that problem be solved by chewing the pills up, just like many do with Armour and other brands containing cellulose...? As far as I know, the ingredients in Erfa did not change, just the machines used to manufacture the pills, resulting in harder pills...


Anna... if you go to the STTM website, it even shows pictures of the old and the new Erfa. The 'newer' Erfa tablet is shinier, harder coating, with spots. Most everyone chews/dissolves sublingually, their NDT anyway so that shouldn't make a difference. A few folks don't seem to have a problem but many more are having problems with the 'new' Erfa and yes.... Canada denies any change in formulation.

How do I private message you? Just go to your home page and click on the message tab?


I tried Thyroid S last year but it didn't do much for me except give me very greasy hair.

I have recently started on Thiroid, and appear to be doing better on it.


I have been on Thyroid S since February, when I swapped over from 150mcg Levo. I have maintained the benefits I had from Levo and gained some more. In fact I have lost seven pounds, which brings me within a stone of my target weight and, after nearly a decade of major hair loss, my hair is growing back. I am basically 100% fixed now and hoping it stays that way.

I tried Thiroyd a couple of years ago and found it did nothing for me at all.


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