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N.z. beef thyroid - Wrong move


Well on instruction of endo for the last 2 months I have been taking 150 mgs of n.z beef thyroid and told to stop my 150 levo. Just had my medichecks results back and cannot believe these results my TSH 33.3 usually on levo it was 0.5 whatever..free t3 3.44 3.1-4.2 free thyroxine 8.77 12-22. Ferritin 146 13-150, vit b12 active 150 vit d 113 50-175..

But because of the constant nausea I had on levo I thought I would give it a try ...got to go back on levo by the look of it ..

.medichecks have said to get in touch with gp ..

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Oh my word , I can’t believe it ,but I have been taking that ...I wasn’t sure if it was a supplement or actual hormones, I couldn’t find any dose info so started on one a day 150 mg. I took this dose for two weeks ,also took my usual levo and t3 , I didn’t feel any difference so increased to two a day. After the third day I woke during the night ,I had bad palpitations,sweating so much and scratching my skin so much I was almost bleeding...Symptoms felt the same as when I increased t3 too much... I obviously stopped taking the bovine supplements and it took me about ten days to feel better...I just can’t tolerate thyroxine so I have asked my GP if I could trial liquid thyroxine, I am waiting for a reply , have you tried this before Christinah61? I do miss nature thyroid as they were the only medication I felt well on . ..Hope you get your levels back on track and feel better soon.

Beverleyb in reply to Beverleyb

Just to add, I emailed the company I purchased the supplements from and they said ,the symptoms I experienced were my body detoxification.

Hi Bev I cant believe it Bev to be honest I've tried everything to get rid of this daily nausea I liked naturethyroid to but once is was reformulated I was back to square 1.. back to awful levo with all the awful symptoms ..its hard to believe that I've been on levo since 16 yrs old with no problems until menopause 55 yrs old then it all changed the nausea leaves me bed bound and I would do anything to get rid of it ...I'm completely broken again ...i did say to this endo should I continue with the levo and use the b thyroid as a supplement...oh no she said stop taking levo completely and just take 150 beef thyroid ....just give up ...my levo is now back out the draw so I will start back on them tonite .....

I’m so sorry you are feeling sick again..It’s never ending , and so unfair.x

Yep cant stop crying Bev x


Have you tried adding T3 alongside levothyroxine

Poor conversion of Ft4 to Ft3 seems pretty common after menopause

Have you had oestrogen and progesterone levels tested?

Thanks slow for your reply yes I have tried t3 alongside levo but it really upset me even small amounts ..no not had o or e tested.. 64 years old now I went through menopause at 55 for about 3 years and I've never been right since slow xx

JAmanda in reply to Christinah61

I know nothing but... I tried adding T3 last year and found it fave me headaches and nausea and I couldn't tolerate even tiny amounts... this year I tried again, adding 5, then, 10 and now 20 first thing with my Levo and I tolerate it just fine. Someone told me my intolerance may have been cos I was taking too little and that seems to be true.

But the first time it was 20s Of Mercury chopped up, this time it's 2x10s of Morningside - so perhaps the brand matters.

Christinah61 in reply to JAmanda

Hi j

Thanks for your message I will go back straight away on 150 levothyroxine until I speak to this new private endo next tuesday my gp has referred me today after speaking to them about the recent results ..so well see what he has to say ..good luck to you as well xx

Valeriu in reply to JAmanda

Please tell me were did you find T3 in 10mcg from ?Have you a link for Morningside please ? I bought 5mcg/ Lyothironine from a US PHarmacy ( very expensive) and 25mcg from United PH ...didn't know thgere was a 20mcg T3 ? I was OK on 8.5mcg of T3 and 30 mg NDT ...unfortunately needed to add more T3 and my heart sped up ( 59 yrs old) so gave up on T3 and restarted NP ...then Tnyroid S then Erfa and now THyrovanz....but will be going back to Thyroid S.... Seems I was better off on my own Iodine protocol when I took 150 mg of Lugol's iodine with cofactors ....thought NDTs were going to be an easier fix.....Thanks :)

JAmanda in reply to Valeriu

That's what I get from the UK NHS Endo - hospital pharmacy. Sorry I don't know about the US.

Valeriu in reply to JAmanda

I'm also in UK but my DR won't consider treating my Hypo symptoms....:)

JAmanda in reply to Valeriu

Dionne at thyroid UK has a list of Endo’s who’ll prescribe t3, I read on here. Mine at Kingston do exactly as I ask. This is a double edge sword as I am clearly no expert!!!

Valeriu in reply to JAmanda

Thanks a lot....if I decide to start with T3 ( I still have my overpriced Liothyronine 5mcg from US) I will definitely persue it as can't cut the 25mcg from United Ph ( which is a lot cheaper then the 5mcg from US) as too difficult ...I would probably only manage 12.5 mcg ( or 15mcg at most) if I dropped the NDT altogether but not sure if to go down that route...I'm 59yrs old... I would need to ask for a referral to an Endo and I think it was suggested I go to Epsom years ago ( it may have been to see an 'ME specialist' not a n Endo... which is 1.5hrs form here....Thanks again :)

JAmanda in reply to Valeriu

I’m just experimenting really.

Hi Christinah61

I’m so shocked to see your results you must feel terrible ! We keep trying these new things in the hope that we will finally find something that suits us and then back to Levo again I’m exactly the same :(

I am going to try Thyro Gold soon because like you I don’t feel very well on Levo ! so I’ll keep you posted hopefully after reading lots of good reviews I’m feeling optimistic:)

Take Care and I wish you better health 😀 xx

Christinah61 in reply to Kazbe

Hi kaz yes I do feel terrible ...that's so funny because I was reading today about thyrogold and ordered 1 pot of 150 mgs to maybe try ...one day however I will go back on levo until things stabilize again ..how are you what are you taking at the moment? What dose are you going to take on thyrogold ...xxx sending love x

Marymary7 in reply to Kazbe

I tried Thyrogold a long time ago. I was ok for quite a while but then I developed the incredible itchyness that Beverlyb already suffered. It was so bad , nothing to see but unbearable itching. I had to abandon it.

BB001 in reply to Kazbe

Read all the info on the Thyro-Gold site and you will get a good idea of dosing. There are 3 free chapters of Dr John C Lowe's book on of form that are really helpful. Also read all of the Q&As. It's how I successfully switched to Thyro-Gold on 2015 and self dosed. I did monthly blood tests for a year to monitor how it was going, thereafter 3 monthly or less depending on symptoms.

Have you tried Armour rather than Naturethroid? I do well on Naturethroid but even better on Armour and it seems easier to get.

Hi gen no I haven't.. but maybe that will be my last resort. Tu take care x

I take bovine thyroid from NZ and my lab results are fine with no side effects from them. I was on porcine NDT before that. If you want to know the brand pm me.

I’ve PMd you. Thanks.

Valeriu in reply to ashquar

Please PM me which Thyrovanz NZ are yout aking? I thought there was just one ? they ran out of the 50mg I was told when I was about to order 50m & 25mg....However, I think I'd rather go back to Thyroid S as many have said that they don't get good results on Thyrovanz....Thanks :)

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Valeriu

I agree there is only one Thyrovanz - but that brand has not been mentioned in the thread before this!

Valeriu in reply to helvella

It's just got New Zealand written at top of bottle...Main Name : Thyrovanz ...I thought there was a Thyrovanz from Argentina which isn't as good as NZ ? :)

Debon in reply to Valeriu

There is no thyroid drugs made in Argentina other than levo or t3. I live here. It's a disaster.

Christinah61 in reply to Debon

thank you debon.

Lolo17 in reply to Valeriu

Thyrovanz sells both New Zealand and Argentina sourced bovine thyroid . The batches from Argentina are not as potent, they say it on their site under FAQ I believe.

Valeriu in reply to Lolo17

I agree... and yes the other one is weaker...:)

Sh69 in reply to ashquar

I was told that porcine NDT was better than bovine. I cannot tolerate levo either

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Sh69

Who told you that?

It might, or might not, be true for any individual. It is sometimes pointed out that bovine will have a higher T4:T3 ratio. Cattle are also more seasonal than pigs. Therefore the precise concentrations of T4 and T3 in the original glands might vary more through the year than in pigs. However, this does not necessarily result in variation in the final product.

Sh69 in reply to helvella

Was a post on here from guineapiggy saying her doctor told her that it’s better,

Valeriu in reply to Sh69

Sorry did you mean her Dr told her that the bovine THyrovanz is better then porcine ? :)

BB001 in reply to helvella

I'm allergic to porcine NDT, it made me swell up. I'm fine on Thyro-Gold

Valeriu in reply to Sh69

An Admin of a group I am in : LDN for thyroid said she never saw good results on Thyrovanz.... well I'm proof enough as the last labs were the worst I've had ( on 75mg Thyrovanz) If I raise by 25 mg I get fast , strong heartbeats which I notice at night as I wear earplugs to sleep and you hear your internal workings a lot better....during the day it doesn't bother me...I tried raising by 12.25 and it was better but difficult to split ....Now I have the same effect by taking Thyrovanz 50mg sublingually in the mornings and 2nd dose whole swallowed as a capsule of 25mg.... slightly raised heart beats at night....Would be good if I could test it again but can't keep spending money on Thyroid monitoring with reverse T3 , via Medichecks ...( last test done on 28th July) ....

Sh69 in reply to Valeriu

Not talking about that name of drug. I just read from a user. But things might have changed, I’ve just started metavive 11, so I’m learning too.

BB001 in reply to Sh69

By the way, its metavive II (roman numerals) not 11.

Sh69 in reply to BB001


BB001 in reply to Valeriu

Once on thyroid meds, the main things to monitor are fT3 and fT4. The tests for these are a lot cheaper.

Valeriu in reply to BB001

and reverse T3 ....:)

BB001 in reply to Valeriu

rT3 is not essential

Sorry to hear this. Completely shocked that an endo actually prescribed an NDT. In my experience they shy away and leave you to suffer. Levo or no real support. Like yourself, I can't tolerate levo. I am a 45 year old man.

Oh bless you good luck

I am doing fine on Nutrition-Meds bovine thyroid. I find it interesting that you listed your ferritin results. My doctor resists testing mine and it has definitely been an issue at times.

Valeriu in reply to jjtbraer

Do you have a link for Nutrition - Meds ? Thanks :)

BB001 in reply to Valeriu

Is it Nutri-meds?

BB001 in reply to jjtbraer

There is research that shows ferritin needs to be 70+ to be able to process thyroid hormones. Google scholar is useful for getting research articles.

I've done my test on Thyrovanz NZ ( 75mg) too and wasn't impressed; Will finish this lot and go back to Thyroid S ( Thailand which I stopped as it's got a bit of Aluminium & talc) ). Started taking 50mg Thyrovanz NZ at 8.am sublinqually and seems as though I increased my dose ( better absorption) Was going to check the results on this but tired of spending a fortune on tests....plus now the 50mg is Out of stock so need to continue with 25mg..My favourite was NP but very expensive and now they withrew it....Erfa was fine too... ( also has talc ) .....Good LUck :)

And u val x


I noticed it takes longer for NDTs to lower the TSH than Levo. I switched to Armour at an equivalent dose of levo and my TSH is still higher than on levo.

The trend seems to be getting the TSH down to less than 1.0 but they lower lab reference ranges all the time.

I'm 65.....as you get older its ok to have lower doses and higher TSHs but like age is just a number so is the TSH. You have to decide how you feel best. And then look at the numbers.

Older people are more prone to osteoporosis and a fib and often react to higher doses. And as one Endo politely told me "your body changes" OMG I hadn't thought of that!!!!

I took levo for 10 years and then all of a sudden it made me sick.

Dosing is complex as you have to consider age....weight....comorbidities....

Activity level....lifestyle????

Its alot more than just TSH. The TSH is a guide not a law.

NDTs often cause palpitations cuz of t3. Splitting the dose may help.

150 mg of an NDT is not the equivalent of 150 mcg of levo.

1 grain of NDT is 38 mcg of T4 and 9 of T3 so it isnt a surprise that your TSH went up. Try not to stress over the numbers.

Hope you feel better soon🧿

BB001 in reply to Leuy

There's research that shows that once on thyroid meds TSH needs to be around 1.0

Thank you so much for your kind message no I won't I will keep trying to get well. Good health to you to. X

What brand? Ive been taking Thyrovantz fir two years. My numbers perfect.

ps no thyroid

I also take Thyrovanz with no major problems. I've had total thyroidectomy because of cancer. My doctor was surprised that my # were good and decided to leave well enough alone.

I feel the ups and downs of hot/cold weather and my activity levels, but overall feel better than on levo. I split 150, 1/2 6am, 1/2 about 2pm. Sometimes I slip in another 1/2 in the afternoon if I feel like I'm slowing down or foggy.

thanks gimi good luck

Are you aware that you are only on a starting dose? I am taking Thyro-Gold which is a bovine NDT. 150mg is the amount that people start on. If I had your results I would increase my dose.

To give you an idea of dosing. I do not have a functioning thyroid and I need 300mg in summer split into 2 doses over the day, and 450mg-600mg in winter (oct-apr).

I suggest you get blood tests more often than yearly. Minimum of every 3 months so you can pick up when you need to increase/ decrease in a more timely manner. .

Before you ditch bovine NDT, try increasing your dose. 2x150mg a day. 150mg am, 150mg pm.

Take on an empty stomach (at least 4 hours since eating) and wait for 1 hour afterwards before eating. Food affects absorption of thyroid meds (not T3).

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