Any comments on this Endo?

Having parted ways with a private endo, who thinks I have an anxiety disorder, whilst begrudgingly prescribing T3, then being rejected by an NHS hospital after my GP made a referral, because I am taking T3, I am now on the look out for another private endo. I feel I need some professional support and guidance, as I am all over the place with the T3 after three weeks of taking it and my GP, although helpful, is no expert. Has anyone ever seen Dr. Stephen Stanaway at Spire, Wrexham?

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  • Yes I saw him and would not recommend. Was only interested in chucking antidepressants at me when in fact my ferritin was right at the bottom of the range

  • That's interesting lolajone . Last year my new to the surgery GP declared 'overmedicated' because my TSH was suppressed. Wasn't interested when I told her it always has been and what about the fact that my FT4 and FT3 were still in range. She refused to discuss and said she could send me to him. I'm glad I ignored her now!

  • I was fuming the last time I left there and refused to ever go back. When I told him I'd lost so much hair it had blocked the outside drain his response was that his wife lost hair when she washes hers too!!

  • Pigs aren't they lolajone ? Seems I made the right decision not to take her up on the offer!

    About 15 years ago I saw one at Bangor hospital, he was vile even though my late hubby was in with me. I left in tears every time and after the third time I said I'd never go back. I told my GP, asked her if she knew him. She replied she knew him 'by reputation' - gee thanks doc! I told her I wouldn't be going back to see him, she was fine with that, and then promptly increased my levo because she knew my history and didn't agree with him lowering my dose. Total waste of months of visits and emotions.

  • Another one to avoid then. I think I'll probably end up travelling to one on the Thyroid UK list, or see the one via Skype. Thanks for those helpful comments.

  • I saw two such in my travels that disappointed. One, a professor, was the worst of the two -and the other more proactive within his seeming constraints of clinical movement. He did do a 24hr output cortisol test, as serum was on the high side and he was looking for Cushings!

    I thought the final result nearer Addisons at around 1/4 of max daily output.

    I did get T3 finally, but only by avoiding Endos in the end.

  • It's a terrible situation isn't it..... I honestly cannot recommend one single endo and I live 15 miles from a 'teaching' hospital in Birmingham and have been in front of 5 in my time. The best one ever went off to Oxford to research diabetes. Very sad state of affairs. Wise to try one off Thyroid UK list. Good luck x

  • I found a good help at the Ocdem clinic a research arm of the JR Hospital but sited at Churchill. ( Both in Oxford, btw)

  • I'm fixed up now, thanks.

  • Dr Gallen is your man, Circle Hospital, Reading.

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