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Thyroid and other labs

I have been feeling hyperthyroid lately so have been decreasing Thyroid-S over several months, from 5 to 3 grains, without much symptom relief I might add. My latest labs from Sept 09 read as follows:

TSH <0.01 mUI/L (0.35-4.5)

free T4 ng/dL 0.7 (0.7-1.5)

free T3 pg/mL 2.7 (1.6-3.2)

I usually take Thyroid-S once a day in the morning, but split it into two equal doses on the day before having labs so as to leave no more than 12 hours between hormone intake and blood draw.

Judging from these labs, I don't look particularly hyper, so I cannot explain my recent hyper symptoms...but maybe I should do as I have been thinking about lately; that is, add a little T4 to (possibly a bit lower) dose of NDT?

Some other lab results frankly worry me.

I have been taking Omega 3 capsules for the past six months but my triglycerides are elevated for the first time ever: 166 mg/dL (ref <150). Last year, they were 71 (without Omega 3 capsules).

Overall, my cholesterol levels have changed. There are no ref ranges, it just says: "the treating physician will have to do a risk evaluation based on the patient's medical condition". However, my levels have changed as follows (compared to last year - in brackets):

Total cholesterol 154 mg/dL (128)

HDL cholesterol 44 mg/dL (43)

HDL/cholesterol ratio 29% (34)

non HLD cholesterol 110 mg/dL (85)

LDL cholesterol 77 mg/dL (71)

Fasting blood glucose came back at 110 mg/dL (ref 70-105); they were 90 last year. I have not changed my diet, but wonder if I am too much T3 for my needs, and that in turn has lead to insulin resistance (according to the site and book Tired Thyroid, excess T3 levels can cause insulin resistance)? I am surprised as my evening meal the day before the blood draw consisted of a salmon omelette so contained no carbs whatsoever; this means that, when I had blood drawn, I had not eaten any carbs for 20 hours.

Fasting insulin came back at 18.0 uU/mL (ref 2.6-24.9) but were 13.4 last year.

So, something has definitely changed for the worse, even though my diet has not changed. However, my raised blood glucose and insulin levels could explain why I have put on weight in the past year and been unable to lose it. I have been taking Berberine daily which used to do wonders for me (I used 28 kilograms back in 2015 after adding 1500 mg of berberine daily), but it no longer seems to do the trick for me. I have since put all that weight back on. I could add that the weight gain started in October last year, after I had been treated with high doses of glucocorticoids for six weeks for another autoimmune condition (autoimmune encephalitis). I expected to lose the weight once I went off the prednisolone, but I just continued to pile on the pounds and have been unable to shed any weight since. I am beginning to wonder if I will require a prescription drug such as Metformin to get my bg and insulin levels under control and be able to lose some weight?

I guess I will have no choice but to go on a low carb diet regardless of any treatment prescribed, but cannot help but wonder: what is the egg and what is the hen in all this??? Have too high T3 levels (for my needs) messed up my blood sugar and insulin levels, leading to weight gain?

I have to admit these results make me feel quite discouraged, as it somehow feels I'm back to square one, with a confusing mixture of hyper and hypo symptoms...

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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