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Blood results! Please help!

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Can someone have a look at these please? I would really appreciate it xxx I’ve been so unwell for a long time now. I’m 41 and struggling everyday w drops in sugar levels, POTs, shaky, pale skin, recurring infections, chronic pain, thin hair, no energy, feeling of passing out, Lyme disease.

Anyways recent bloods

Free t3 3.6 Free t4 11.9

Tsh 1.52

Anti thyroid peroxidase 216

Cholesterol 5.4

Glucose 5.1

Eosinophils 0.6

Vit d 51

B12 436

Serum folate 13.7

Serum ferritin 40

Anti gastric par cell positive

I feel like I’m dying most days

Please help. Is this Hashimotos? I’m in Ireland. My doc says it’s normal. But it’s NOT. Feel horrendous

Thanks for reading 📖

3 Replies
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Ranges for those results needed for someone to advise you. Usually in brackets after the result. Every lab tends to have it's own ranges and it's where your results fall within, or not, those ranges that give the info. 🙂 Saying that it really looks like your vit d is too low, as is ferritin and b12.

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I just all ranges out 🙄 lost it all twin minutes x

Raised TPO Antibodies (Thyroid Peroxidase ) are detected in 95% of people with Hashimoto's.

They are also detected in a lower % of people with Graves.

Interesting - I've just been Googling and read that some research has shown that Lymes Disease can trigger Hashimoto's.

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