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6 month trail NDT


I managed to get a private prescription from my consultant as the 150mgs of Levo I was taking were not suiting me after years of problem and it looked like I was not converting very well. My main issue on the Levo was the brain fog and finding it difficult to focus on even basic tasks and my memory was getting worse, I was also lacking energy and putting on weight.

I'm currently paying a private prescription for Armour NDT. I take 2 grains and 2 1/2 grains on alternate days. I feel well in my self and have lost weigh and have more energy but still have this brain fog and lack of concentration thing going on and that's the hardest thing to try and find a remedy for. This is the last set of blood results taken 6th September 18 and they look spot on so what's the issue? I've had ferritin checked and Vit B12 and all were good, any ideas? Is it worth trying a different NDT? has anyone managed to get out of the brain fog thing? any ideas greatly welcome.


Serum Calcium 2.30 mmol/L 2.15-2.55

Albumin 43 g/L 35-50

Adjusted Calcium 2.3 mmol/L 2.2-2.6

Free T3 Roche E170 6.6 pmol/L 3.1-6.8

Free T4 Roche E170 17.5 pmol/L 12.0-22.0

TSH Roche E170 0.08$ mU/L 0.27-4.20

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When taking NDT and to judge if our dose is optimum is 'how well we feel' and 'symptoms being relieved'. Also the blood tests were invented and introduced along with levothyroxine (i.e. T4) so if we take or add other hormones the results wont correspond when we take levo alone.

However, your results look fine and if you still feel you need a bit more, with NDT we can add 1/4 tablet every 2 weeks always taking note of clinical symptoms relieved and you feel well. Take note of pulse/temp and if either goes too high drop to previous dose.

(I must also state I'm not medically qualified but it took ages for me to get my return to symptom-free health).

Axleg in reply to shaws

Thanks for the feedback, trail and error seems the best option while keeping notes. Cheers.

You could try dosing differently, and take 2 1/4 every day, rather than alternating. That is not a good way to take NDT, because the body needs a constant, steady supply of T3 - not one amount one day and another amount another day. It might not make that much difference - but, then again, it might make a hell of a difference. But, you won't know till you try. :)

waveylines in reply to greygoose

Have you had your vitamin D level checked?

Axleg in reply to waveylines

I've lost track of the test, I will check that though. The brain fog thing keeps cropping up on the forums so can't be coincidental. I've not seen anyone who seems to have hit the nail on the head, no pun intended..

jgelliss in reply to greygoose


GREAT Advice !!! I was thinking along the same idea . T-3 as you so well pointed out needs continuity . T-4 takes time to build up . Dosing with 2-1/4 grains sounds like a happy medium . .

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