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Test results...What do you think


Hi everyone

I've been on Armour Thyroid now for 7 weeks (2grains) and I feel fine compaired to being on Synthyroid and Cytomel but, my numbers keep plummeting inspite of Armour thyroid being a lesser dose then my synthyroid and cytomel (88mcg synthyroid and 15mcg Cytomel)

NO FT3 lab was preformed .... This is a constant battle as everyone knows.

FT4: 1.02 .......(0.93 -1.7)

T3: 98.7 ........ (80-200)

TSH: 0.090 (L) .....(0.27- 4.20)

TSH is suppose to be low due to thyroid cance, although my Endo worries about me being hyper and bone issues. Can plummeting numbers cause other health issues? I had B12 done (very high) Vit D (low end of normal) Ferritin (CBC according to doc was great no need) I have no menstrual cycle (hysterectomy)


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Endo worries about me being hyper and bone issues.

Someone who is hypo cannot become hyperthyroid - being over-medicated is not hyperthyroid.

It is not good to be over-medicated but this is best indicated by symptoms, not blood tests. If you are over-medicated you will have a constant high heart rate sharing hands etc. If you have no symptoms of over-medication then there is no risk from the thyroid hormones on your bones.

What is a real risk to bones is Vitamin D. Low end of normal range is not good as the normal range is based on a sample of people in the UK, most of whom are likely to be low due to our lack of sunshine for most of the year. There is good info on Vitamin D on the following website:


Hi, How do you feel? I am in the US as well. It is best to see the FT3. If that is in a 3.7 - 3.9 range then, with your FT4 at 1.0, it should be ok. Typically, while using NDT (such as armour), the TSH will be more suppressed in and around 0.03. Mostly this is ok due to the right amount of T4 and T3 in the system. Can you find another doc to order the FT3? Or, pay through private lab such as canary club?

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Hi Celestialbeing

I feel fine on Armour Thyroid better then when I was on Synthyroid and Cytomel although I have had no luck in the weight loss arena at least I'm not having emotional outburst although my Endo aggravates me to no end and I tell her that too.

My Endo did phone me the other day and said I'm hyper because of my lab numbers above and wanted to reduce my Armour Thyroid from 2 grains to 1.5 grains I told not happening I feel fine although not great but that ship sailed almost 2 yrs ago when my health was destroyed by thyroidectomy and of course she brought up my Dexa Scan from Jan 2018 showed I had mild osteopenia and I rebutted that with look up my Aug 2010 Dexa Scan it too says the same thing mild Osteopenia and I had a thyroid and I was on no thyroid meds either so no I won't reduce my meds...

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Even though we are truly hypo due to not having thyroids, we can feel hyper from the doses. If you feel good then if me, i would not be concerned with the dexascan/osteopenia. What is your age? Mild osteopenia is more common/prevalent as we age anyway. If me, if it advanced to osteoporosis, i would not take the meds for osteoporosis. My gyno refuses to take them due to the side effects. No use in getting the scan. What state are you residing?

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I do understand what it means and feels to be hyper and I'm not hyper and haven't been since the thyroidectomy. I'm 48 years old but my osteopenia comes from having life long autoimmune disease, heavy steroid use and surgical hysterectomy and Im not worried about the osteopenia it seems to me that Endos like to make everything about lab numbers and if the tsh is low you need to adjust your meds and when your feeling horrible they tell you your lab numbers look good can't be that... reverse psychology all the while the numbers look similar.

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