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I'm sorry I don't have the lab ranges as it was just a quick call to the receptionist. I wrote a long post a few weeks ago about being diagnosed with hidradentis (skin autoimmune disorder) and then a previously undiagnosed thyroid test being flagged up on a full blood work. the levels then were TSH 10.74 and T4 12.8 and the gp refused to treat at that level despite me being practically bald and sleeping 15 hours a day with both mother and sister with thyroid issues. After 2 months of feeling worse I decided to change drs and this one said you were supposed to be treated and gave me another blood test. This one has come back improved on the TSH and I was so close to the magic over 10 number aswell darn but the T4 is struggling more. New results are TSH 7.7 and T4 10.5. I see her on Friday and I'm worried she is going to give me the old your tsh is improving hallelujah. However I know peroxidase antis were on the blood list and the receptionist said the level was 1300 again no range marker or anything. I'm just at the end of my tether with this and feeling so bad for so long and i don't want to change drs again.. but my mothers thyroid was mistreated for so long and she ended up with graves so bad she is now registered blind .

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  • Your GP should treat you with a gradual increase in levo until your TSH is around 1 or lower. She should take account of your family history too as well as your symptoms.

    If she is a GP who thinks once your TSH is anywhere in the range (upper level around 5) email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr. Toft (he was President of the BTA). Question 6 you should discuss with your GP as he recommends under 1 for the TSH.

  • Were both your blood tests done at the same time of day? If not, you can't compare them because TSH lowers throughout the day - the proof of that is that your TSH is lower, but so is your FT4, so you are actually more hypo on the second one than the first. TSH is a very unreliable test, but doctors know so little about thyroid that they Don't realise.

  • am I more hypo in the second test? I thought I was less as the tsh was in a closer to the range place. Ive never been medicated for thyroid as ive been refused despite the blood tests mentioned and one previously with a tsh as high as 20 I'm just hoping on this one they will finally act or I will have to self medicate. the first test was at lunch time and the second was at 9am if that helps.

  • Well, yes, as the FT4 is lower.

    The TSH is a very precarious test. Too many things can affect it - like the time of day you do the test, whether you've eaten or not. It really shouldn't be used, but it is. But, you can be extremely hypo, and still have a decent TSH. It's not what we should be looking at.

    The most important number is the FT3. But, of course, they Don't do that one! It's low T3 that makes you hypo and causes problems. But, if you Don't have enough T4 to convert, then your T3 is going to be low, too. It's criminal that doctors leave so many hypos un/Under treated because of a fallable test like the TSH.

  • thanks I will get a print out when I see her on Friday and if this one refuses again it looks like I'm on the move for gp practice again.

  • Strange that the higher level was at lunchtime... Had you eaten before either of them - both of them?

    Or, it could just be the antibodies causing the TSH to fluctuate. Doctors really Don't know very much about it. Not enough to take antibodies into account, anyway. But, the thing is, with Hashi's, it's not just going to go away. It's going to get worse, and they should know that.

  • I see what you meant now as to the 2nd one being worse the tsh was slightly better (though still out of range) but the t4 had now actually gone out of range so both are off now by anybody standards.. my lab ranges I found on the other test are tsh 0.5 to 5.5 and t4 11-23 both are out now..thanks for your time I'm hoping I finally get medicated.. the first one I had just had a banana the second one no food. it may be turning as that's what my moms did they refused to treat her hypo for so long it turned and went hyper and went nuts and then the graves happened. she then went back hypo and now she is hyper again. Its completely ruined her life over the last 20 years.

  • I can imagine it has.

    actually, that TSH range is totally rediculous, because in some other countries they recognise that you are hypo once you hit 3.

    But it is the nature of Hashis to swing between hypo and hyper.

  • Try to get your t3 done. The gp probably wont do it but you can do it yourself with blue horizon. I did this last week and it was an eye opener. Good luck :-)

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