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Once again only TSH results

Hi my last full blood tests for thyroid were done in Nov by Endo iam due back to see him on Mon with the last 2 tests ordered by my GP i did say to him please can you do full function test. So in January all i had was TSH results of 3.34 mu/L 0.27-4.2 yes it went down from Novembers tests TSH 9.12mU/L 0.27-4.20 free T4 12.2 pmol/L TPO abs 377 IU/ml 0.34 so last week i asked GP can i have more than just TSH once again all i have to take to Endo on Mon is TSH results which now is 2.40 mu/L 0.27-4.2. Been on 50 Levo since Jan upped from 25 which i started in Nov im feeling crap plus swollen lower legs getting worse double vision puffy eyes achey n lethargic feel foggy n vacant iam new to all this but iam trying so hard to help myself and get on with things be positive plus im still havent learnt all i should know about Thyroid ranges etc im hoping Endo app on Mon will be able to get me feeling better as 2 appointments were were put back so im finally seeing him on Mon any advice on what to ask him please?

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Would really appreciate some punctuation - it was almost impossible to read. Well for me anyway - and no I wasn't an English teacher :-)

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Im Sorry Marz feel awful blurred vision dont worry ill hope for the best on Mon whenever i put photo results on here it ends up sideways or upside down bit like me☺


Hope all goes well for you on Monday. Think you need an increase. Also ask for anti-bodies to be tested. Also Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD - if your GP has not already done them....

Hope you soon feel better :-)


Thank you..


With any luck the Endo might ask for more tests if he/she is experienced in thyroid issues, rather than diabetes.

Good luck with the appointment.


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