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TPO and TGAb antibodies levels?


Does anybody know the difference between thyroglobulin and thyroid peroxidase? All the articles mention high TPO antibodies as the main indicator of an autoimmune hypothyroid cause. And TGAb is presented as secondary. I couldn't find any information about cases with normal TPO and high TGAb. :(

What does this mean?

I'm not taking any medication, only vitamins. And my TSH randomly goes from 4 to 17 and back within months.


Anti-thyroglobulin (TGAb) - 413 UI/mL (range: less than 115)

Anti-thyroid peroxidase (TPO) - < 10 UI/mL (range: less than 34)

Triiodothyronine Free (T3L) ................... 3,10 pg/mL (2,30 à 4,2


✔ Thyroxine Free (T4L) ............................ 0,88 ng/dL (1 à 1,6


✔ T.S.H. ultra-sensible ............................. 5,68 mUI/L (0,27 à 4,20)

✔ Anticorps anti-récepteurs de la TSH ........ < 1.0 UI/L (less than 1.75)

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It happens more often than doctors would ever admit, that someone will have high Tg antibodies and low TPO antibodies. But they still have Hashi's. That was my case. My TPOab were just slightly over-range, but my TgAB were in the thousands. My gland is now completely destroyed.

Why aren't you taking any thyroid hormone replacement? Your TSH is well over-range and your FT4 is under-range! You are hypo/Hashi's. That is why your TSH swings about.

Gg145 in reply to greygoose

Thank you for your answer! I see... So Hashimoto can exist even if only Tgab are high and all other autoimmune tests are negative?

I tried Levo last year and it made me feel worse, so i stopped. My current doctor is waiting for test results to confirm things.

If i know for sure that i need T4, i'd like to try some natural thyroid supplements, such as what people on this forum talk about, they say are better than levo....

greygoose in reply to Gg145

There is only one other antibody test for Hashi's - TPO ab.

It often happens that you feel worse when you first start levo - you certainly can't expect to feel instantly better. For how long did you take it? How much were you taking?

You mean NDT? It's almost impossible to get that prescribed. Some people might find it better than levo. I found it worse! You have to find what suits you best, and that might not be what other people find best. Trouble is the NHS will only prescribe levo. But, what every you take, you have to give it time to work, and be on the right dose. It requires patience and perseverance to get better, I'm afraid. And, when you have Hashi's, it also requires a suppressed TSH - which doctors don't like - and often a 100% gluten-free diet and selenium supplements.

Gg145 in reply to greygoose

I don't understand... "There is only one other antibody test for Hashi's - TPO ab." - does that mean if TPO test is low it's not Hashimotos?

Yeah, it's NDT... I was hoping I could get that online without prescription, although maybe my doctor can, I dunno. It's in France, not UK.

I gave levo about 6 weeks i think? I remember side effects, I was feeling worse progressively.

What is a suppressed TSH?

greygoose in reply to Gg145

There are two antibody tests for Hashi's. TPOab and TgAB. If either of them are high, then you have Hashi's. But, they don't both have to be high. You asked if it can still be Hashi's if only TgAB is high, and all other autoimmune tests are negative. I was saying that there is only one other autoimmune test for Hashi's. Other antibody tests are for other autoimmune diseases. For example, TSI and TRAB are antibody tests for Grave's.

So, yes, if just TgAB is high, you have Hashi's.

In France, NDT is illegal. Which means that it is obviously not sold in pharmacies, doctors do not prescribe it, and if you import it from abroad, customs will cease it and destroy it. However, in France you can get a T4/T3 combo, Euthyral, if you can find a doctor that knows enough about T3 to prescribe it. Or, you can get prescription only T3 to add to your levo.

Six weeks is hardly long enough for you to know if levo suited you. You should have at least tried increasing the dose a couple of times.

A suppressed TSH is a TSH of lower than 0.1. :)


Medics don't like to rely on just high TG antibodies for diagnosis as high TG can be due to other things as well as Hashimoto's

But if your thyroid results and symptoms confirm a thyroid problem then it's most likely, especially if very high levels

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