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Help with supplements please


Hi Seaside Suzy very kindly said you could give me some help with supplementing for myself. I do have a doctors appointment on Friday but not sure I will be prescribed vitamins as I was given a low dose of vit. D about a year ago for a couple of months I think. When I asked for a repeat I was told I wouldn’t need it as levels would have returned to normal . I dont know if it’s the so called “brain fog” but the more I read, the more confused I get..just can’t seem to get my head around all the things I should be doing or what I should be asking my doctor to do 🤔...sorry if it’s just me being a bit thick!

Also should I try a gluten free diet.. I have tried in the past but found it difficult to do it 100%. I am getting a bit depressed about the weight I have put on around my middle although my daughter thinks I should accept it because of my age. I’m still active ..walk a lot , look after a fairly big garden, I’m a carer for two who lives with me.and I still do a bit of dog grooming for a few people. I’m generally on the go most of the day. I also think I eat a very healthy diet but still it piles on and I no longer have a waistline.

Oh sorry for long post. I would be very grateful if you get the time to advise me. Thank you to all who gave me advice on my last are a fantastic bunch of people.

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I commented on your post last week when you posted your Medichecks test results

You need to discuss with your GP

1) Testing for B12 deficiency/Pernicious Anaemia. You may need B12 injections. Don't start supplementing B12 or folic acid before further testing.

2) Vit D at 39.8nmol/L needs supplements. If your GP only prescribes 800iu, or prescribes nothing, come back and I can tell you what to get.

Your results don't show Hashi's, where a gluten free diet would be recommended, so whether you try gluten free is up to you.

There's is also a lot of information in your previous post from SlowDragon.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will see what the Gp offers me.

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