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Blood rest results


Hi all could someone help me by looking at my blood test results as I can’t understand them. Many thanks for any advice. I think I will have to supplement so any help with that would be great.

I have hyperthyroidism and have been on 5 mg Carbimazole for 2years. I have been told by my GP that recently diagnosed high blood pressure and high cholesterol are most likely due to thyroid problem.

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Your results suggest you are hypothyroid

Have you ever had TSI or TRab antibodies tested and found positive for Graves' disease? (Hyperthyroid)

Ask GP to reduce carbimazole

You have Very low FT4 and low Total T4

Vitamins are all low. Low vitamin levels are common when hypothyroid

B12 and folate are very low and need futher testing, before starting supplements

Vitamin D is very low and needs improving to around 100nmol

Ferritin borderline

High cholesterol is likely due to being hypothyroid

Thank you very much for your help. I will try and get a GP appointment ( very hard to come by these days) and go from there.

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your very first post mentioned extreme sweating. This may be due to low B12. Active B12 of 45 is very low. Anything under 70 is suspicious. You need futher testing for Pernicious Anaemia before starting B12 injections (ideally) but daily B12 sublingual lozenges and a daily good quality vitamin B complex are possibly just as good

Link saying Oral B12 supplements are as good as injections

You can start supplementing vitamin D first to improve

Best to only add one supplement at a time and wait at least a fortnight to assess any changes

Aiming to improve vitamin D to around 100nmol.

Vitamin D mouth spray by Better You is good as avoids poor gut function. Suggest you supplement 2000-3000iu for 2-3 months and retest. It's trial and error what dose each person needs. Once you Improve level, very likely you will need on going maintenance dose to keep it there. Retesting twice yearly via

Also read up on importance of magnesium and vitamin K2 Mk7 supplements when taking vitamin D

Good link about how low vitamin D and low B vitamins are linked

Ask GP if you have had TSI or TRab antibodies testing in past by him or your endo

You seem hypothyroid now.

Thank you so much for the is much clearer now how I should proceed. May I ask if the GP would do the testing for pernicious anemia or would I need to do that privately?

I have been in a queue trying to contact my doctor for 35 minuets now and have just given is so stressful trying to get an appointment, that anything I can do for myself is so much the better.

I love this are all so helpful 😊

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GP should do full testing for Pernicious Anaemia

It's most likely you don't have PA, but low B12 due to being hypothyroid

Hypothyroid causes low stomach acid. Low stomach acid leads to this leads low vitamins

But don't be surprised if GP not aware of any gut connection between thyroid and resulting low stomach acid



I can only help with the vitamins and minerals, I'm afraid hyperthyroidism isn't my forte.

ActiveB12 is low, apparently anything below 70 needs testing for B12 deficiency according to who suggest an MMA test (Methylmalonic acid) so maybe you could discuss that with your GP.

Your Folate is extremely low, only just within range, and B12 and Folate are closely connected. Your GP may agree to prescribe Folic Acid but if he does you need further testing for B12 deficiency/pernicious anaemia before starting it as it will mask signs of B12 deficiency.

Vit D: 39.8nmol/L

This is very low. The Vit D Council, the Vit D Society and Grassroots Health all recommend a level of 100-150nmol/L. Your GP may agree to prescribe some Vit D but it most likely wont be enough to raise it, I imagine you may only be given 800iu daily. You can ask your GP or you might be best supplementing yourself. If you want to self supplement, come back and I will suggest the dose you should take and the cofactors needed when taking D3.

Ferritin: 68.4

This isn't bad but would be better a little higher. Eating liver regularly would raise your level, or liver pate, black pudding and other iron rich foods

Thank you for your reply...I will try GP again. She hasn’t seen these results as I did a private blood test

Sorry can't advise re hyperthyroidism, but can help with your vits/ mins. Vit D at 39.8 is below optimal range, should be 100-150 nmol/L according to Vit D Council; B12 at 45.7 is low and should be near top of range; folate and ferritin can both be halfway thru ranges , but if still menstruating ferritin is better in 100-130 ug/l. Your folate is only just in range. Did your doctor not comment on any of these results, or suggest supplements? Look out for SeasideSusie's previous replies to posts re supplementing- doses, best types of compounds, brands etc.

Many thanks for your reply. Will try a get appointment with Gp who hasn’t seen these results as I did a private test.

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