Anyone getting vitamin D supplements. (Help please)

If anybody who is getting supplemented with vitamin D could let me know what they are getting from their NHS Doctor and also what is the NORMAL figure you should be aiming for in Vitamin D levels.

Have just been told that I need to take vitamin D supplement and the Endo wrote to my GP to say I needed to to get this.

my GP prescribed Adcal tablets but when I collected them from my chemist I discovered on Reading the ingredients that they contain soy oil which I understand is bad for people with hypothyroidism. WHY on earth would they give me them if this is the case, can anyone tell me if the NHS will prescribe something else because I am supposed to take these tablets for at least a year and I have been avoiding soya products for sometime now since reading that it was bad for hypothyroidism and not feeling too good if I took foods that contain it.

I was told my result was 26 is this slightly low or very low?



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I was given Adcal but hated them, I now buy my own from amazon. I take 5000iu and have recently added vitamin k2 as I have read that this is required when supplenting with D

Is 26 nmol or ng?

Hi tingles,I don't know if the 26 was nmol or ng I asked my GP what my results were ( this was her reading my Endo results off the computer) and she just said 26 I asked her whether this was low or very low and said what is a normal figure? and she just said I have no idea, I could see my husband itching to say something to her but I just shook my head to him not to, because this is not the first time I have had this answer from her when I ask a question and he is getting most annoyed about it he said later that if she doesn't know she could at least make the effort to find out but she doesn't seem to see the need to do so.

by the way I had just bought some multi vitamins from holland and Barrett before I went to see the Endo, which was my first appointment with an Endo and when I looked at them tonight they contain the same dosage as the Adcal I was prescribed so I just took them instead since they contain other vitamins and no soya.

Can you tell me what I should be looking for in terms of figures and nmol or ng in my results please

Thank you



I have never understood why they use soy oil in suppliments. I suppose the idea still persists that it is a health food.

However, having said that, soy oil - as far as I know - contains no goitrogenic properties. So not especially bad for hypos. But, it is bad for everyone! No-one should ingest any form of unfermented soy, in my opinion. It is bad, bad, bad.

Hugs, Grey

Hello grey goose,

thanks for you reply I have been hypo for 12years now and for most of that time have been on 100mcg levo, but over the past 3 years my results have not been within the guidelines of the lab my Surgery uses,but since we are told just to phone for the results I did not know because I was told each year your results are normal, which is what the lab said. However after going back and forward to the surgery with umpteen health issues and getting nowhere I asked to see my result for my thyroid tests and discovered, after learning lots from this great site that they were not normal, when I asked why I was not told she answered that the lab said they were normal and she had to accept their answer and anyway she did not know enough about thyroid problems to be able to help me, I asked to be referred to an Endo and she could not very well refuse, so that's how I managed to get my first and only appointment with an expert.(so to speak)

Incidentally my GP surgery did not discover I was hypo either all that time ago it was a doctor to whom I was sent for investigation into severe headaches, and he said after doing a lot of tests I think you may be hypothyroid go

back to your GP and ask them to test you and I will write to them!!

But in fairness my present GP was not employed there at that time.

But I have never found that any of the GP's like you to speak of any kind of knowledge you may have regarding your health issues, you are just supposed to accept what they decide for you and go home quietly.



Sorry for the long winded reply, hope you don't mind me sounding off!

But hence the reason I don't feel like going back to ask for soy free vitamins and just decided to take the multi vitamins that I Have in the house.

AdCal are bad things - for the soy and for the calcium, if you don't need it.

Try googling Vitamin D protocol + your area and see if you can turn up the protocol your GP and endo should be following, or have a look at this for starters:

I take 5,000iu every other day. My current level is about 116.

My thyroid is currently unmedicated (long story) and I have lots of symptoms, but having good D levels means, for me, no fatigue, which makes the rest of it bearable.


Well I did ask the GP for Vit D (& B12) tests, refused, so this time last year I had terrible joint pains so decided I'd try a private test, although I doubted I'd be low as always a sun-lover! but £25 well spent!

Results came back 'inadequate' at 40 , daughter was deficient at 20 something. went back to GP - he just said go to 'boots'. so we supplemented and felt better! - as daughter's level improved more than mine, I went on the drops she had from bodykind, bio-emulsion (just got some more as it does go off - £7.50 for 3 months supply). there's others available but this one works for us, at least 'til we get some sunshine! :)

if GP won't do a test you can get a pinprick test here & send it back, easy (NHS lab)

GPs had a directive from the Chief medical officers to recommend VitD supplementation to 'risk 'groups including children under 5 and elderly. What happened? nothing!

btw you should really get your calcium checked first, in case, but my GP won't do didly squat, also magnesium and vit K2 help the calcium go where it should too. J :)

Hi You need a calcium test first. Then I had Alfalcadol , ( endo and GP ) for years. I had 3 times the recognised dose eventually, after re tests for both 3 monthly. Then my calcium went too high ( it can on D ) and had to reduce then stop it totally, my D is extremely lo.

Best wishes,


Hi Jackie I have just started mine yesterday and did have a calcium test as well as a VIt. D test by Endo before he recommended I take Adcal I have to take it for a year, but my GP has made an appointment for me in a month to have my calcium level taken and then I don't know how often she will test after that.



Hi That is good, it is a slow process getting the D right as normally after 3 monthly D tests it is put up as needed. Brilliant that the GP knows how important the calcium tests is. The D will take 3 months to be fully in your blood ( and make a difference). It is usual once stable only to have annual D tests. D treatment is normally for life. If calcium ( corrected ) goes above range D has to be stopped regardless.I always find climbing stairs the biggest difference with low vit D.

Best wishes,


Hi I have similar situation , Jan I was thyroid active ,March underactive with low Vitamin D normal range 75-275 mine 33 Endo prescribed Alfalcadol 1mcg which I think 1000 unit that I stared to take only yesterday. from my reading it is important to know your Calcium levels as Vitamin D tend to act as filter allowing more calcium to enter blood stream , best time to take Vitamin D is after a meal not on empty smock .Best luck


I have auto-immune hypothyroidism and low Vitamin D and have been taking Levothyroxine/Eltroxin and Adcal-D3 forte for many years. I wasn't aware that people who are hypothyroid are meant to avoid soya, as I occasionally buy soya products as well. Where did you hear this? Thanks.

Hi Newlyna,

I did not get this info from any medical source so therefore I am not qualified to say that it is a medical fact, however since I have been Hypo....(over 12 Years) I have read and searches several articles about foods etc you should avoid if you are Hypo..... and along with the most commonly named ones like certain veg etc there has always been a warning that soya based foods and soya containing foods were bad for people who are hypothyroid I think it is to do with Iodine uptake? but rather than me pointing you to one particular site if you just Google .....foods to avoid if you are hypothyroid you will get a deluge of sites both from UK and the US so when you get the time have a look and you can see all different views on this and the majority list soya as one to be avoided, mind you it is difficult to avoid soya completely since just about every food nowadays has some in it, and if not, you get the usual get out clause ......this food might contain blah blah blah and you can bet your boots soy is practically always one of them.

hope this helps



Labs who process your blood test ALWAYS have range so they can analyze the results. Ask if you can see your test result form.

I just had a 25 ohd test and am looking at my print out which says:

Vitamin D Deficiency has been defined by the Institute of Medicine and an Endocrine Society practice guideline as a level of serum 25-OH vitamin D less than 20 ng/ml (l,2). The Endocrine Society went on to further define vit. D insufficiency as a level between 21 and 29 n/mL (2). My results were:

Result: 37.8 ng/mL Normal Range 30.0-100.0

I have already taken a prescription dose to bring me up to 37 from previous 22. It's been difficult. Now I am taking 10,000i.u.D sublingual tablets with K2 180 mcg. and hope to see another increase. Sunshine doesn't seem to work for me.

A normal range of vitamin D in your blood from the 25-hydroxyvitamin D test is between 30 and 74 ng/mL, or nanograms per milliliter. according to the website Livestrong. Mine were 31 when I first tested. I believe the corresponding in nmo/l is 2.5 times that.

or see this


My test cannot remeber what type was 21 and the range was 50 to 250 I have been put on Calceos on checking this has Soy oil so no good for you. My calcium was within range this was only a couple of weeks ago

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