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I post below my results. As you can see my suppressed TSH (for decades) has changed. I currently take 1.25mgs Carbimazole and also 0.75mgs of betablocker.

I was diagnosed with englarged multi-noduled goitre and isolated T3 toxicosis. My Endo has always wanted me to have my thyroid nuked/removed.

I initially avoided gluten and for the past year have been gluten-free. I am on the beta-blocker as I have AF episodes. (My mother also had AF but no thyroid problems.)

Currently I am trying to improve my adrenal health. I have had a prolonged stressful period with my husband’s illness and then death.

Also I am on a bid to eliminate Candida!

Any thoughts before I see the Endo - now in October. I would have more private tests in three months.

Could you please confirm the basis for testing early morning/fasting. I do not normally fast!

Many thanks for any thoughts.


June 2016. July 2017. June 2018.

TSH (0.27-4.20 mIU/L) 0.073. 0.52. 0.417

Free T4 (12.000-22.000 pmol/L) 15.97. 12.1. 13.500

T4 (59.000-154.000 pmol/L) 92.9. 81. 92.9

Free T3 (3.100-6.000 pmol/L) 4.97. 4.5. 4.55

RT3 (10.000-24.000 ng/dL) 24. — 18.0

RT3 Ratio — — 16.46

Thyroglobulin 11.450. — <10

(0.000-115.000 IU/mL)

Thyroid Peroxidase. 7.47. — <90

(0.000-34.000 IU/mL)

Medichecks testing

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Have you had your TRAB or TSI antibodies tested? Those are the tests for Grave's.

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JemBron in reply to greygoose

Years’ ago and I was told negative by consultant. I have just chatted with Blue Horizon asking about these two tests you hyave mentioned.

They do a TSI test to check for Hashimotos (not Graves) and that is included in their package of Thyroid plus 6 which comes in at just under £600.

Because I am overactive and under the care of a consultant, my gp will not test/recommend.

Anybody know how to get these tests privately?



TPO and TG antibodies are Hashimotos. TSI and TRab are Graves.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to JemBron


Medichecks does the antibody test for Graves for £79 although it is venous blood draw

Blue Horizon's Thyroid Check PLUS SIX is £69.15 and does not include TSI, it includes TPO and TG antibody tests, it would seem as though you have been misinformed

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JemBron in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you - I will look again at Medichecks.


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greygoose in reply to JemBron

They do a TPO for Hashi's. TSI is for Grave's.

You can also go 'over-active' with Hashi's, but the treatment is not carbi. Which is why you need the Grave's tests done. If you had them done in the past, and they were negative, you do not have Grave's.

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JemBron in reply to greygoose

Thanks everyone! The Blue Horizon was an online chat and the person gave me the info saying they had only recently had another enquiry but their tests are only for Hashimotos.

I use Medichecks and will look at their site again - don’t know how I missed it this last time!

It is of interest to me that there has been a change of TSH activity after decades of it always being ‘suppressed’.



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greygoose in reply to JemBron

You're welcome. :)

Thank you for replying. I did have other antibody checks some years’ ago and they were negative but I do not have result details. I am also replying to Greygoose!

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