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New bloods


Feb 2018 April 2018

11/2. NT. 2. NT

TSH 9.1 0.82 (0.35 - 4.94)

fT3 3.4 4.5 (3.16 - 6.5)

fT4 8.9. 12.8. (9.00 - 19.1)

B12. 311 (i take multi vits with iron and b12)

Vit D. 123. ( I take vit D )

Ferritin 68. ( in multi vit)

I usually take NT in one dose before breakfast, so bloods drawn about 25 hours after last dose and about 10.30 am. Early appointments only available for cholesterol testing. I stopped supplements about 3 weeks before blood test.

I still have a little numbness in lower legs and not sleeping well. My GP has said not action needed and is happy with results.

Should I add a little T4, extra NT?

I have purchased some Feroglobin as I think my b 12 and iron are too low. It has folic acid b12 and gentle iron in it, along with zinc and copper .

Any other ideas please.

Thank you.

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Not recommended on here to take a multivitamin

A) it has far too little of what we actually need

B) usually contains iodine...really not a good idea if hypothyroid, especially if you have Hashimoto's

C) the iron in multivitamin blocks absorption of most the other nutrients

Suggest you get a good quality vitamin B complex (eg Igennus Super B complex)

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results

Symptoms of low B12

meme in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you.

My multi’s have no iodine. They do contain A 800ug ,D 5ug, E 10mg, C 60mg, B1 1.4mg,Pantotheric acid 6mg, Iron 14mg. I also add another 12.5 D. And now my new B12 and iron.

Do you think my thyroid results are fine as they are?

I do seem to have a few B12 deficiency symptoms .

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