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New blood results etc.


Finally got these results after 2 weeks. I'm yet undiagnosed btw. Interested in any comments. Of course I'm within 'normal' ranges for everything!

Oct 2014

Vit B12 - 240 (>180)

Folate - 13.5 (>4)

Ferritin - 18 don't know range

TSH - 3.9 (0.5 - 5.5)

Cholesterol 4.3 (>5)

still waiting on Vit D result

Oct 2009

Vit B12 - 268

Folate - 8

Ferritin - 31

TSH - 3.7

Cholesterol - 5.1

My GP wrote to an Endo re: a multi-nodular goitre which showed up on an U/S. The Endo has referred me to ENT to get a fine needle aspiration. As the Endo considers me to be Eutheroid, he won't see me until he gets the result of that test. I am currently unable to get T4, T3 or antibody tests, they must be requested by and Endo!

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TSH rises in response to falling circulating hormone so it's a safe guess that your FT4 and FT3 are low in range. You may have to wait until your TSH is >5.5 to get a hypothyroid diagnosis. You can order private FT4 and FT3 tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via

B12 is low in range. Most of us supplement methylcobalamin B12 sublingual lozenges, spray or patches when B12 is <500. 2,000mcg daily for 8 weeks will improve it and then 1,000mcg daily as maintenance.

Ferritin is low. Optimal is 70-90. Ferrous fumarate is available OTC. Take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitC to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.

Folate and cholesterol look fine.

Winegum2 in reply to Clutter

Thank you Clutter, very helpful!

Stourie in reply to Winegum2

Thyroid blood tests should be done as early as possible as that is when the tsh is at its highest.

Winegum2 in reply to Clutter

I tried to get some Ferrous fulmarate from Lloyds today, but she wouldn't give it to me unless my dr had recommended it to me. I could try somewhere else and lie, but I hate lying! (Sigh!)

Clutter in reply to Winegum2

Winegum, try somewhere else (not Boots). I'm surprised about Lloyds, some members have bought FF from them.

Winegum2 in reply to Clutter

I don't need a prescription to get it from Lloyds (although she said that it would be cheaper if I did). She just wanted to know that I had been advised by a Dr. or that I'd had it before. My problem is that I'm just too honest!

What dose should I be getting and for how long?

Clutter in reply to Winegum2

Winegum, 210mg for 4 months and have another blood test a week or two after that.

Winegum2 in reply to Clutter

I have spoken to my Dr and he doesn't see a problem with my Ferritin as my hemoglobin is middle of the range. He advised that if I want to take anything then Spa Tone would be a better option. I'm inclined to go with that option as my main symptom is sluggish bowel and abdo pain, I don't want to make that worse. I'd be interested in your opinion on why low (but in range) Ferritin needs sorting out if Hemoglobin is fine. Thanks

Clutter in reply to Winegum2

Winegum, I don't have an opinion on it. Low ferritin can be an early sign of anaemia, high ferritin may be a sign of inflammation and optimal ferritin 70-90 aids absorption of thyroxine is the sum of my knowledge. If your haemoglobin is fine then I guess anaemia can be ruled out.

stourie, unfortunately I didn't know that when I had the TSH done, so I had it at midday. It could well have been over the reference range as it can vary by 50%. If the Endo finally agrees to see me, I'll ask for it again along with all the other TfTs.

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