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Recent Bloodwork

Hi, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about a year ago and have been on synthroid (since march 17), cytomel (since may 17) and LDN (since October 17) My recent results look very good:

TSH: .034 (LOW)

Reference Range: 0.450-4.500 uIU/mL

Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct, S: 1.35 (NORMAL)

Reference Range: 0.82-1.77 ng/dL

Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum: 4.1(NORMAL)

Reference Range: 2.0-4.4 pg/mL

My naturopathic doctor is very happy with the results and takes it as a sign the LDN is working and that I will soon need a decrease in thyroid meds. And while I feel much better, I have yet to lose a single pound or notice any physical difference yet. In fact, I weighed myself last week and was UP 3 lbs from the highest weight I've ever been. I just wanted to gain some perspective here. I had been under the impression that the weight or edema would go down once thyroid levels were optimal, but that hasn't been the case for me.

I am dairy and gluten free and am taking a number of supplements to address deficiencies (vitamin b complex, vitamin d, GLA/Omega 3s, magnesium, selenomet, digestive enzymes and GI revive)

I am up now 20 lbs and am not sure why I haven't seen any improvement there. Hoping someone could shed some light for me.


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How much LDN do you take?

Personally, if you feel good on your thyroid meds I wouldn't change it till you feel you need it.

I started LDN three weeks ago and I've noticed general massive improvement right away.

I did lower my thyroid meds in 3rd week because I started going hyper. Mind you I'm on t3 only.

I went from 150mcg to 100 now.

If you take t4 as well - it works as an antagonist against whatever t3 you're taking. It's hard to lose weigh with t4 due to that reaction.


I am on 4.5 mcg of LDN. I have been on it for 5 months. I just recently got the uptick in energy and started feeling like myself again. My doses are quite low, 25mcg synthroid a day and 5mcg cytomel twice a day, my doctor just recently added the second dose of cytomel which could be why I feel better. I haven't heard of T4 working against T3. Is there anyway of improving this? I never noticed any difference from the T4 like I did with both doses of T3, so maybe I should talk to my doctor about reducing it? I just hesitate to change anything like you said.


There you go. You answered yourself. You have energy on that dose so why change and lower?

You're on very low dose on t4 I wouldn't worry that it'll work against t3.

I'd lower if you have sings of hyper I.e fast heartbeat, heat intolerance. Other than that enjoy your new acquired energy. 😉👍


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