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Vitamins are high, especially B’s



Looking for the answers to my thyroid and adrenal problems, I have tested some vitamins and minerals (12.02.18):

Vit D 73.0 nmol/l (normal >75, toxic >250)

B12 1098 (148/584)

B1 148 (60/120)

B6 104 (35/110) ,previous test in September was 110

Folic acid >45 (5/61)

Magnesium 0,7 (0,66/1,07)

Potassium 3,8 (3,5/5,3)

Sodium 139 (135/145)

Calcium 2,12 (2,15/2,5)

Calcium Corrected albumin 2,18 (2,15/2,5)

Before the test I was using:

- b12 (1000mcg) and folate (600mcg) every day for 6-8 months

- D3 600-900 units 3 times per week

- Magnesium 200g 3 times per week

- 1 pill omega 3 fat

- Theracurmin curcumin 2 x every day

Strange thing that my B1,B6 are so high without any supps...

And sodium looks normal. The adrenal saliva test was showing low cortisol.

I just need someone’s fresh look at these, please.

Thank you in advance.

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I would say your vit d could be higher - around 100, perhaps.

Your Bs are ok, they're water-soluble, so excess will flush away.

Magnesium tests are meaningless, carry on with the supplements.

I would say your potassium and sodium are on the low side.

Your calcium is ok. But, if taking vit D3, it's advisable to take vit K2 - MK7, because taking vit D increases your absorption of calcium from food, and vit K2 makes sure it gets into the bones and teeth, and doesn't build up in the soft tissues.

Viv123 in reply to greygoose

Hey Greygoose,

It took me some time to get a little better. Now it’s easier to write. Thank you for your answer.

I take vitamin D every day now. I started to take magnesium 2 times per day: 200 at lunch, 200 before bed. I added some iron to bedtime magnesium, + Sodium Ascorbate. My iron was a bit low, the figures are in my first post in January.

At lunch I also take Astaxanthin. Have you ever tried it? Is it better than vitamin C?

I worry about calcium because I am dairy free already for a year. Maybe to use use Calcium sometimes, let’s say 1-2 pills per week? Or it’s much better to use K2 every day instead? Is there way to make sure K2 is safe? I know I can not test it easily. I would not like to get too much of it.

I’ve read B6 can be toxic if high in blood. Do you think I should not be concerned and take vitamin B complex? My endo retested my B’s yesterday, he trusts their lab more. I will post them if they will differ too much from these ones.

I am extremely thirsty every night, I started to eat salt and add it to water...not sure if it’s good. How can I safely increase potassium and sodium?

greygoose in reply to Viv123

That's rather a lot of magnesium, I think. And, you shouldn't take iron with magnesium. Iron should be taken two hours away from everything else.

Dairy is not the only way of getting calcium. Plenty of fruit and veg contain calcium. I wouldn't take any calcium supplements if it were me.

Vit K2 is water soluble, so you can take it every day. Excess will be excreted. Unlike calcium.

I don't think there's enough B6 in one tablet of B complex to be toxic, don't worry.

Astaxanthin is not the same as vit C, you can't compare them. Vit c does a lot of things that Astaxanthin can't. :)

Viv123 in reply to greygoose

Ok, I will forget about calcium for now then, and will give a try to K2, and B-complex.

On the moment of the test I was taking 200 magnesium at bedtime, not every day though. Then tried 400 for the last week. Is it better then to take it as 200 at lunch, with Astaxanthin?

I am taking so many things during day, including food/drinks, that I find it easier to fit iron to bedtime. Only once I had stomach issues after I ate a cucumber 30 minutes prior iron. Definitely not eating anything close to taking it.

Would you also recommend taking iron with some vitamin C in the same time?

Viv123 in reply to Viv123

Ow and about vitamin K2, would you be so kind and tell me what brand of it I could try?

greygoose in reply to Viv123

Most people take their magnesium at night, because it makes them sleepy. But, if it doesn't make you sleepy, take it at lunchtime.

Definitely take vit C with iron, it protects the stomach.

Sorry, I have take vit K2 for a while, and don't know about brands.

Viv123 in reply to greygoose

So many nuances, so good to get some guidance! Thank you greygoose!

greygoose in reply to Viv123

You're welcome. :)

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to greygoose

Sorry to but in GG, but Vit K is one of the fat soluble vitamins - A K E D (think naked!!) :)

Viv123 K2-MK7 of 90-100mcg is the correct amount to take for up to 10,000iu D3. I like Healthy Origins brand, nice small softgel and contains only the K2-MK7 and extra virgin olive oil to aid absorption. Like D3, K2 should be taken with some dietary fat.

Oh, really? Just goes to show! I wasn't sure, and the site I looked on, said it was water soluble! Thank you for picking up on that! :)

Viv123 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you Susie! I will remember nAKED trick :)


If you are short of other B vitamins that can cause problems using the others

Try adding a good vitamin B complex, one with folate in, not folic acid instead of just folate

B vitamins all work together

Viv123 in reply to SlowDragon

Hey SlowDragon, thank you for your response. Could you recommend also a good brand? I am curious if I can find it or anything similar here.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Viv123

I have tried lots

Prefer Igennus Super B complex- nice small pills, good quality ingredients

Full daily dose is two per day

- can start with, or just take one per day

Best to take in morning after breakfast

Viv123 in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you! I will give it a try!

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