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are these test results ok


t4 130 nmol/l 59-154

tsh 2.37 miu/l 0.27-4.2

free thyroxine 19.9 pmol/l 12.0-22.0

free t3 5.0pmol/l 3.1-6.8

thyroglobulin antibody 17.2 iu/ml 0-115

thyroid peroxidase antibodies 12.1 iu/ml 0-34

these tests were from blue horizon as my gp wont do the full thyroid tests but heres the tsh results from my gp

tsh 1.4 miu/l 0.3-5.0

i have many dreadful symptoms and not sure if they are related to a thyroid conditon and my doctors are not very helpful at all

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Same boat as me, sorry to hear that! Which test did you select from Blue Horizon as I think I may go down that route. Can't seem to find one that covers everything for the thyroid? Regards.

it was the advanced thyroid kit,what symptoms do you have?

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Hi, thanks! Have a look at my other post from a few minutes ago.... listed most of my symptoms there.

They look ok but if you are still having symptoms then there is still room for improvement, ask to have iron, folate, b12 and vit d checked as they can all be low if your hypo and give similar symptoms. I'm sure i missed some out but others are most likely going to add any i've missed.

Don't give up it will get better and the longer you have been walking around undiagnosed the longer it can take(I'm assuming you have hypothyroidism and are taking t4 and/or t3)


It is because the doctors diagnose according to the blood test results for your thyroid gland and ignore clinical symptoms. Previously, before the TSH blood results became the norm, doctors prescribed according to clinical symptoms and dosed until they went.

Have you been diagnosed as hypo and taking meds?

Some doctors do treat according to clinical symptoms but usually they are private.

i havent been diagnosed,i have been having awful symptoms my mum has thyroid problems she was at first diagnosed with over active about 14 years ago then she went under,but with the symptoms i have been getting and with my mum having thyroid problems i thought i would order the blue horizon test as my gp is useless and only does the tsh and is putting my symptoms down to depression, i have lost weight,my hair is thinning,i get a very fast heart rate ,get tremors especially when i have just woken up,sleep disturbance which i wake up early feeling dreadful,extreme tiredness,brain fog,burning in my let leg,muscle wasting,dry skin,breathless,loss of appetite,tinnitus,low blood pressure,light headiness when getting up from siiting or lying down,feeling sick,twitching and body shocks,tight throat things get stuck in my throat,i do have pernicious anemia for which i am being treated for (self treatment by a private doctor) i am on folic acid also,i do have another test kit that blue horizon sent me by mistake so maybe i should do the test again but earlier in the morning,

is there any private doctors or endo i can go to about this (i live in leicester)

hello, private docs list from:

Also great info on main site:

Thyroid testing best done early as possible in morning.

You mention folic acid and PA, you are getting injections B12? f/a dangerous alone, conceals damage possible by low B12 What are B12 levels? Should be high in range. Take McCoates advice, not enough to be in range, optimal is around 3/4.

Also check out PA Society website:

Joining gives access to helpline.

I am already with the pernicious anemia society,my b12 levels are in the high range which is 2000 and my active b12 level is top of range too,i have been self treating since feb but my symptoms are getting worse.i even wet for a b12 infusion privatly which didnt do anything so was told it was probably thyroid problem so ordered a home test kit,i am aslo a member of a thyroid group that said my thyroid tests do point toward a thyroid problem to which i only found this out after writing on here,i am feeling dreadfully ill and my doctor wants to use the cop out excuse of cfs because she couldnt be bothered to referre me so i am at the end of my tether

Your test results look pretty good but since you are still having symptoms, the active hormone Free T3 has room to go up. Yours is 5 and the range goes to 6.8. Are you on any medication?

I don't suppose your GP would let you try a little T3. It's the only part that seems to need any improvement. There are places to get it.

No i am not on any medication

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Ask your doctor for a trial of T3.

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