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Help with test results please

Hi, I have attached the recent results from BH. I am on 100 levo plus taking supplements and gluten free. I am chuffed both lots of the antibodies are reducing. However my Ft3 has gone down slightly from last time (4.77) and so has my reverse T3 (33.00) -although still high.

TSH slightly lower at 0.17 (was 0.20) in October (I was then on 100 levo as well)

I am suffering from awful anxiety (it's really bad a couple of hours after I take my levo) and brain fog. I have lost some weight too.

I feel I might benefit from reducing to 75/100 alternate days and adding some T3 as this may increase my free T3? Any thoughts please?

Thank you in advance .

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Looks to me like you've gone a bit too much the other way which is why your tsh is so low and your anxious. did your gp do this blood test for you or was it done privately? what have they said in regards to your levels x


Test was from Blue Horizon, and they said to keep an eye on it and talk to my GP. My previous test from BH on the same dose showed a TSH slightly higher at 0.20 so again slightly under range. I have felt my anxiety has been bad but was concentrating on getting my antibodies down. I now want to try & raise my Free T3 and try and get my reverse T3 down (I know it's easier said than done.) So I am going to try some T3 and see how I get on. I know it's really hard to get there but I am making progress slowly but surely, and thanks to all the help on here.


DollyDuck I think your idea is a good one, it's what I would do (I take Levo/T3). I would add a quarter of a tablet of T3 to the slightly reduced Levo. This should see your FT3 increase, your FT4 should go down a bit, and the T3 should help the rT3 to reduce.

Your folate needs to come up to at least half way through the range, are you taking a B Complex which includes methylfolate?

Your ferritin has a way to go too. Thyroid hormone can't work properly unless it's 70+


Thank you. I am going to increase my b and ferritin, I am taking them but I obviously need some more. I have some T3 ready (25mcg) it's just being brave enough to take it! Is it ok to do 75 one day then 100 another (so my doseT4 Is between the two) Would you reduce T4 for a week at this dose, or go down to 75 then add the T3 (1/4). I was worried incase taking the T3 when on 100 might be too much even though I am taking alternate. Also when should you take the T3 is it best some time after the T4? Thank you in advance.


I alternate 100s and 50s to give 75mcg Levo and that works fine for me. As Levo has a long half life you shouldn't really notice a problem.

I understand the being brave bit about starting T3, I was the same, and ultra cautious when I did start.

6.25mcg T3 is equivalent to between 18.75 and 25mcg Levo. I've seen it said it is 3x also 4x but not seen a definitive answer to this. So if you want to be cautious you could reduce your levo by 25mcg for 6.25mcg T3. But your FT4 isn't over range (mine was) and your FT3 needs to come up a fair bit, so alternating 75/100 Levo could be right for you. That's what I'd try first.

And I'd add the T3 the same day as you reduce the Levo, which is what I did, I don't see the need to wait a week.

I take my Levo and T3 together before I get up in the morning with some water, then breakfast is a couple of hours later.


Thank you for explaining all of that - makes perfect sense. I will give it ago. Fingers crossed I will be a new woman! Lol! Xx


I have been strictly gluten free for 10 months (& strictly soya free 2 months - including soya lecithin)

as my antibodies have fallen & nutrient levels have improved, especially vitamin d - I stared to suspect I was perhaps over replaced. Was very cautious & reluctant try it - but has been very good ......so far.

I have reduced my Levo very slightly. (From 125 to 112mcg)

Izabella Wentz says on The Thyroid Pharmacist Website that some with Hashimotos find they may be able to reduce dose if get antibodies lower & nutrients up


Thank you for that info, it does make sense in what you are saying. Giving up soya must be difficult for you as it seems to be in a lot of foods. Glad you are feeling good though because that's what matters. I can't believe how low my antibodies have gone since being GF it's amazing the difference it's made. I am going to reduce my levo and see how it goes. Thanks for your help.

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Astonishing isn't it ..... can't believe Medics don't consider autoimmune aspect or diet relevant.

At my recent annual review the nurse was extremely interested- I took a spreadsheet showing all my private blood test results over last 2 years - showed clear & steady reduction of antibodies. (NHS never recheck them .....hardly ever test TPO anyway & almost never test TG)

Yes soya lecithin is in so much .....almost all chocolate. 😕

Silver lining has been no chocolate means its very good for waistline 😀

Vitamin D lamp also seriously impressive for me.


it is amazing - I actually took the article by Chris Kessler re gluten & Thyroid to my GP so she could read it! I think she thinks I'm mad or obsessed but they really have no idea of the connection.

How did you find out about the soya was you allergy tested?

Someone said giving up dairy too would help but I haven't heard about the soya. Since going gluten I am amazed at how much food has soya in it - so that must be very difficult for you. Especially the chocolate that's my guilty pleasure.


Well I knew from Isabella Wentz (& few other places) to avoid general soya as it probably inhibits T4 to T3 conversion (perhaps that why it's good for hot flushes in menopause)

But I chose for a long time to ignore the soya in soya lecithin.

Like you chocolate was a definite necessity for me.

But seeing how well I got on giving up gluten, I thought I would try cutting soya right out to see if it made any noticeable difference. Well annoyingly it did - I felt warmer - hands & feet esp - so I have stuck at it.

I considered trying cutting out dairy ......but morning tea would be very difficult to give up.

I do suspect I might have candida - very common with Hashimotos. So I am considering possibly tackling that - cutting the yeast /sugar

The gluten is not an allergy - its molecular mimicry - apparently gluten molecule looks same as thyroid molecules- body gets confused & attacks the gluten as foreign correctly....but also the thyroid incorrectly


Thank you for that info I will look into the soya abit more, as I too don't convert very well (high RT3). I am also going to try adding T3. Funny you should say about candida I have found a supplement called Bio Kult Candea it contains 7 strains of live bacteria strains plus garlic and grapefruit extract to help get the good bacteria into your gut. It's really good and helped me with this problem. I think you can get it from boots and definitely on line from other chemists. It might help you too.

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That looks interesting. I recently started Viridian symbiotic daily powder - pre & pro biotic. But it's not specifically aimed at candida. Might be coincidencebut have found sugar craving reduced


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