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Thiroyd (Thailand NDT)


Does anyone have anything positive to say about using NDT from Thailand? Can anyone provide me with a dosing guide? (it doesn't have to be exact). I am 33 yr old female and 5'8 @ 155 lbs.

I have problems with pain in feet and horrible muscle recovery. I also have weight gain, hairloss, and low body temp. My thyroid labs are not technically out of normal range but my T3 and T4 are both on the very low end of the spectrum and have been for several years. Years of slow metabolism have caused issues with menstrual cycle. I want to begin addressing the root cause. Hav e tried synthroid in the past to no avail.

Thanks any advice would be appreciated :)

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With regard to Thai NDT, I have used Thiroyd for about 4 years and have felt so much better on it than levothyroxine.

As for dosing, I was already diagnosed and taking 75mcg of Levo, so I did a straight swap with equivalent NDT. I am really not sure that I could recommend a dosage plan on height and weight but the general plan when starting on thyroid replacement (regardless of weight) is to start low and build up slowly, with regular blood tests, I think every 6 weeks is recommended.

If you can post an up to date thyroid panel with reference ranges I am sure someone else may be able to help you as to where you might start. It might be a good idea to also have your B12, folate, D3 and iron levels tested at the same time as low levels can impact on how well thyroid medication will work.

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Thanks Cassie

How much NDT do you take to equal 75mcg of Levo? Do you know the equivalencies or is there a list available?

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Hi Nicole, here is a link showing the ingredients and the equivalent doses as it relates to T4. T3 should be multiplied by 4 (I think it is 4) to work out the same amount of T4. So, if the NDT content is 39mcg T4 and 9 mcg of T3 (x 4) that should work out at about 65mcg of T4. Hope this helps and good luck.

The root cause may be deficiencies. Lack of iron can cause muscle weakness (or make it worse) having a full iron panel and testing B12, Vit D and Folate will give you a base to work with

Thanks. I actually have a history of having very low ferritin like 10-13 but my hemoglobin is in normal range always 12 or 13 so I have never been diagnosed as being anemic. I am not sure why my ferritin levels are low and seem to stay low. I don't have any bleeding issues, and have been checked for everything. I do think I have absorbency issues because of the constipation I have which I believe is because of this thyroid thing.

The normal pattern for starting/dosing NDT is to start with 60 mg/1 grain tablet. Take for 2 wks then up the dosage by 30 mgs/1/2 grain every 10 - 14 days thereafter. You want to do blood tests (TSH, Free T 3, Free T 4) at six weeks. Many, when self-dosing, will keep a daily log, registering their body temp and heart rate (about 3 - 4 pm in the afternoon is optimal time), dosage and general well-being. You want to be careful that your body temp/heart rate does not exceed the normal. Most of us end up dosing 2.5 to 3 grains per day so... as you approach that dosage and the six week mark, slow down and take labs to see where you are at.

It is so important that you also do labs on your D 3, B 12 and iron values. Until these are also optimized, it will be difficult if not impossible to regulate your NDT dosage. If you find yourself being anxious, experiencing insomnia, nervousness etc.. even on small doses of NDT, you probably have an adrenal issue and this too can make it difficult to take NDT.

Hi phoenix

Thanks for your reply. This is a great start and I will definitely keep track of the labs. Do you know the optimal levels of B12 and iron that are needed to ensure a healthy thyroid?

Nicole... not sure about the iron but you want to be at the upper end of values for your B 12 and at least 50 + for the D 3. Attaining these goals does not necessarily ensure a 'healthy thyroid' but the levels do support healthy functioning of the body in other areas.

Do start low (1 grain approx.) with the NDT and increase at 10 - 14 day intervals by 1/2 (30 mg) grain. This method also allows you to back down if you sense any resistance to the NDT. It does take a while for the thyroid hormone levels to be absorbed by the body ... thus... taking labs at the six week mark after starting NDT.

Here is a link to a site in the US (I am in the US) that may be helpful to you. :)

ps. we don't get sick overnight so please, be patient with yourself. This is a journey, not a race, my friend. Took me two years to get straight.

Awesome...thanks for the link. I am i the U.S. too ☺

My issue was that although my TSH was still within range, albeit right at the top, my FT4 and FT3 had been in the bottom 30% of the reference range for years and were not budging. Thyroid replacement changed my life. I take 2.5 grains of Thyroid S. I started on half a grain, then half a grain twice a day, then a grain twice a day then a grain in the morning and 1.5 grains at lunchtime. Best thing I ever did.

I increased at about two weekly intervals.

Hi There !

Thanks for your reply. Yes my T4 and T3 are the exact same way!! The difference is that my TSH is always between 0.8 and 2, but my doctor says I have the beginning of Hashimotos due to anitbodies he saw so he feels that thyroid meds are in order given my years of hypothyroid symptoms. Synthroid just doesn't help me feel any better physically so Im gonna try the natural meds instead.

What is the difference between Thiroyd and Thiroyd-S ? Can you tell me the does 1 tablet = 1 grain, and 1/2 tablet = 0.5 grain ? I started out on 50 mcg synthroid and wanted to know where to start with the Thiroyd to get a similar dosage and go from there?

Hi Nicole......I have tried every thyroid supplement on the market with pretty poor to bad results. When eventually I tried really worked much better for me. By looking at the comments on this forum, many people feel the same....but there are some who don't get the desired relief. You won't know whether it will work for you until you try it.

I am struggling to get a new supply from Thailand.......I hope you are more successful. Good luck!

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Hi Ntombi

Well I finally received my Thiroyd and have been taking 1 tablet for exactly 7 days. I can't tell if it is working, but I have noticed that I seem to be having trouble with water retention. Oddly enough, when I used to take Synthriod I also had issues with water retention in the belly area. Have you noticed this as well?

Also, I feel tired about an hour after taking my medicine. Have you noticed this? For now, I will take it at bedtime. I would be very interested in hearing your experiences with thyroid medication :)

Hi Nicole, I can only advise from my experience, and as I had only one side of my thyroid working and enflamed, I guess my case is not the norm. I was taking 1 grain a day of Thiroyd and initially, it worked so well for me, until my thyroid inflammation got out of hand.

Eltroxin, Diatroxin, and Thyroid S had bad to devastating effects on me. I really like Thiroyd the best....for me. I am not qualified to advise on dosage as I believe that everyone is different and strengths differ between individuals. Perhaps someone on the forum can give qualified advise?

With me, it was trial and error until my body told me what it felt was right. I have not had water retention problems so cannot help there. Mine has been a very long and sometimes traumatic journey with virtually no help from doctors. At 70 I am as near to normal as I have been in 30 years! Don't give up......just keep asking questions, researching and listening to your body. Best of luck!

Hi Nicole.....I am still struggling to get my hands on Thiroyd by Greater Pharma. Please, could you PM me with your source? Many thanks.

Hi Nicole, could you send me a Pm How to get thiroyd? I live in Belgium. Thanks

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