sources of Thiroyd from Thailand?

Does anyone know if any seller ships this product from an EU country to the rest of the EU? There used to be a online pharmacy called <Admin removed> which shipped Thai NDT (both Thyroid-S and Thiroyd) from France to the rest of the EU, but it seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth...I tried ordering it from Thailand, only to have it confiscated by customs :-(

So intra-community delivery would be preferable, but I have not been able to find anyone shipping Thai NDT from a EU country...I was hoping somebody else has, and would be willing to send me a PM.

Replies via private messages, please in line with posting guidelines, thank you.

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  • Are you in the uk? On what grounds was it confiscated? Its not illegal to import medication for your own use. In fact sections 7 and 13 of the medicines act 1968 say we can import meds. What was the exact wording which was used to tell you your meds had been confiscated?

  • Unfortunately not, I'm in the letter informing me that the drug had been confiscated, it was said that the import of drugs is illegal in Belgium, and therefore the product could not be delivered to me, but would be confiscated...too bad customs opened this very package, as I imagine they receive hundreds of shipments from all over the world every week, and cannot possibly check them all...

    I think you are very fortunate in the UK, to be able to import even prescription drugs for personal use...

  • Yes, we are fortunate and hopefully, if we don't shout too loud about it, we shall continue to enjoy this state of affairs. Maybe your best bet would be to obtain a prescription? Or a uk residency....

    X. G

  • I have prescriptions for both Armour and Erfa...the pharmacy where I have been ordering NDT has not been able to get Armour for the past year (I have no idea why, as it seems available elsewhere), so Erfa has been my only option for the past year. To save money, I asked for 125 mg pills. I don't know if the smaller pills (30 and 60 mg) would be better, but I just have not felt quite right on's subtle, nothing dramatic, just a general feeling of unease, frequent diarrhea (not sure it's related, though), increased bottles have a white and pink label, and I understand they used to have a blue and white label...the STTM claims Erfa was also reformulated somehow, even though the company denies it...

    Erfa is very sweet, and also contains talc as a filler...not sure if that can mess you up as well...?

    I have read so many glowing reviews on Thiroyd, and it also seems to contain a lot less fillers than most NDT drugs, which is why I was interested in trying it. But I prefer to take a drug that I can buy legally with a prescription, because otherwise I fear I would also be afraid I would no longer be able to get it all of a sudden...

  • While not being an unconditional fan of the STTM website, I have to say I found this information both interesting and relevant:

    I have also had problems with diarrhea while on NDT (Erfa), and the problems started around the time I started Erfa. However, I now realise that is not necessarily Erfa's fault, but is merely a sign of overtaxed adrenal glands...I have been on 4 mg of Medrol along with NDT, but I am not sure it's really doing anything for me...maybe I would need more, maybe I would need HC instead...but my doctor said that since I tend to retain fluid, HC would worsen that problem, and that Medrol is preferable. There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding this issue; some doctors say that HC is the only option, and that Medrol should not be prescribed for adrenal fatigue, while others, like my doctor (trained by Hertoghe) prefer Medrol in patients with a tendency to retain fluid...the problem, however, is that fluid retention is common in hypothyroid patients...

  • I had dire rear for a long time but it resolved when I took cortisone for my flagging adrenals.. I did really badly with erfa, simply coudn't Make use of it, though I do fine with either thiroyd or Naturethroid.

    G x

  • Galathea,

    Did you find hydrocortisone helpful? I have been trying to get my doctor to let me try it (instead of Medrol), but she says that since I tend to retain fluid, HC will only make that problem worse...not sure Medrol has really made that much of a difference, although I have been thinking about raising it (I am currently on 4 mg daily, which is the equivalent of 20 mg of HC, but my doctors has patients on 6 mg daily...).

  • Yes, without doubt cortisol was helpful and I would take it again if I needed to. Not been on it for several years now though.....

    G x