Thiroyd from Thailand

Has anyne else taken this? If so please tell me how you got on with it and if you continued to take it? Have been treating my underactive thyroid for a while and now am also struggling with adrenal not being right. When I take the thiroyd now I get a bad headache. Never had that before. Anyone got any idea why? And yes it definitely is caused by the thiroyd, no doubt about it.

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I have taken it for the past 4 or 5 years...... And am good. However The adrenals may be to do with the headaches... What are you doing abou them?

The headaches are due to the tablets as I said. When I take them the headaches are there for 22 hours, then go. When I dont take them no headaches at all.

I have taken it for the past eighteen months and feel a lot better than I did on T3 and T4.

I've been taken Thiroyd since the beginning of September and am now up to 2.5 grains a day. I've experienced no side effects from them, although I will say that the recurrent headaches I *used* to get disappeared after I started on NDT and adrenal supplements.

Please tell me which supplements you took / take and what NDT is. if you mean natural dessicated thyroid then thiroyd is one of those.

NDT = Natural Dessicated Thyroid - yes I use Thiroyd. I was taking Nutri Adrenal Extra in September and October and switched to 50mg Pregnenolone in November after I received my cortisol saliva test results. I've also been on B12 and D3.


Yes I take Thiroyd and have done so for a few months. I only take 2.25 tablets a day but it is suiting me well. But everyone is different.

are you dividing your dosage hence it is fast releasing since it doesn't have a coating so even more important to divide the dosage.....thyroid-s has a coating and isn't fast releasing but has more fillers.....the other thing is over medication causes headaches like may want to divide dosage 2-3 times out during the day ...I had to do that until my body got more use to getting direct I do it twice a day

thanks for thatappreciate it. but that doesnt explain how come the headacheds are constant for 22 hours or how come i never got them before when i took the same tablets the same way. its only since my adrenal glands have been acting up that i get the headaches when taking it.

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