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Thiroyd NDT Issues??

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Hello Everyone

I have been taking 1/grain (1 tablet) of Thiroyd from Thailand for exactly four days. I have noticed that over the past 2 days I developed worsening of hypothyroid symptoms. Today and yesterday I have extremely sore feet and stiff joints, especially hands, knees, and ankles. Also worsening of insomnia and depression. I had none of these symptoms before starting the thiroyd. I just can't believe that these symptoms started after only 1-4 days! Does this mean that Thiroyd is not for me or do I need to stick with it?

Also, I cannot take any form of T4 only as I have bad rxn of rapid weight gain and/or water retention 1hr after taking it. My only option left is T3 only or perhaps add T3 to the thiryoid? I don't know what to do, I am so frustrated with stubborn weight, slow metabolism, and all the other symptoms I have.

Doctors are no help at all. My T4 level is 1, T3 is 2.3, and TSH is 1.34. My T4 and T3 are at the very bottom half of the range but still normal. My vitamin/mineral levels are fine and I know that if I can just get this thyroid thing right that I will be ok.

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Did the same symptoms happen when you started taking 1 grain Thiroyd a few months ago? You did have some problems then. Did you stop taking it?

I imagine there are many articles on how to start dosing with NDT. It seems as though you may be quite sensitive and may need to start low and build up gradually. Check out this article

scroll down to

16) and find

How to Dose with Natural Desiccated Porcine Thyroid Extract If you are particularly sensitive to thyroid hormone, then start taking a quarter of a grain (15mgs) only, and stay on this for 7 days......

and read on.

Hi SeasideSusie

You are right I had the same thing happen when trying the NDT before, so this was my second go around. I am very sensitve to medications. Since I had been feeling so bad I just assumed that I should start on 1 grain and go from there. I would have never thought at dosing at a slower pace until reading the article you suggested.

Do you know the amounts of T4 and T 3 in one grain of Thyroid? I have looked for this info but the only thing I can find is that 1 grain of thiroyd equals 60mg. But I wanted to know the compostion of t3/t4 in this 60mg amount.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Nicole1027


They're all very similar. According to this article

one grain Thiroyd "contains T3 at 8.31 microgram; T4 at 35 microgram, which is 0.013% and 0.058% respectively."

Thank you! This info is very helpful!

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TSH110 in reply to Nicole1027

I dropped the Levo by 25mcg and added 1/4 grain of NDT (thyroidS) and followed the TPAU advice as posted by SeasideSusie Increasing and splitting dose whilst reducing Levo. I did this in case the NDT did not suit me so I could back to levo but I found the NDT gave very rapid improvements even on the small initial theory you do not need to take any Levothyroxine and some just stop Levo and start on equivalent full dose of NDT but I got heart problems with long undiagnosed hypothyroidism so decided to take it gradually as the T3 can be quite powerful if you have lacked it for some time. You could check the fillers mentioned in STTM link to see if there is anything in it that might upset you. There are other brands you can try. ThyroidS has quite a lot of fillers but I have been fine on it. I have no experience of your brand of NDT.

Hope that helps

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Nicole1027 in reply to TSH110

Yes, this info helps a great deal. Thank you!

It sounds like a reaction to it. I did not understand your bloods can you re post with ranges. I was sensitive to it as well. It can be a matter of much trial and error to get things write. People who are sensitive do well on nature thyroid usually and I am doing well on thyrogold

Look at my reply to a similar post this morning.

Can you PM me how you get the Thiroid from Thailand. My daughter lives out there but can't find it. She needs a photo of the box as every time she asks for it they think she's asking for levothyroxine.

I hope you improve soon. Have you seen a endo privately?

I've been on Thyroid S for a month and started with only a quarter grain to start with.

I followed the advice on the website. Feeling fine on it so far.

The first 2 weeks were bliss then this progress was interrupted by my mid cycle madness & crazy PMT symptoms kicked in.

As I say, only been on it a month & need to continue to sensibly dose. Here's hoping next mid cycle is not 'mad' and that the NDT starts to sort my PMT 😉

Sorry I can't send hyperlinks as I use my phone for posting. Just goggle above mentioned site & you'll find what you need.

Wishing you & everyone good health.

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