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Raised CRP and Ferritin - Thyroid levels ‘in range’

Hi all

I’ve posted results previously and will post my latest ones below. I started out with an underactive thyroid back in September last year with a TSH of less than 0.05 and Free T4 26.8. By mid December my TSH had gone up to 35.19 and my Free T4 had dropped to 8.2 and two weeks later my TSH has dropped to 6.1. I got another test done through blue horizon last week. My thyroid levels are all ‘within range’ but my antibody levels have changed, my CRP and Ferritin levels have gone up and my T4 and T3 have gone up. I am currently not medicated at all. Endo took me off carbimazole when my TSH went to 35.19. He agreed to try the block and replace treatment on the basis that my TSH was dropping and I was feeling overactive symptoms. I assume he won’t as my levels are still within range. Does anyone have any advice? And do I need to ask the doctor to look into why my CRP and Ferritin are high?

B12 (197-771) 208

Folate (>2.9) 3.5

Ferritin. . (13-150) 183 - previously 78

CRP. (<5.0) 10.9 - previously 5.9

Total thyroxine. (59-154) 104

TSH (0.27-4.2) 1.93 - previously 6.1

Free T4 (12-22) 15.1 - previously 8.2

Free T3 (3.1-6.8) 5.3 - previously 3

Vitamin D (50-200) 48

TGA (0-115) 1540 - previously 1134

TPO (0-34) 218 - previously 267

TSH rec AB (0-1) 1.9

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Hi, just to say that CRP is an indicator of infection, also elevated ferritin is a sign of that. Hopefully another former will be able to comment on your results soon.

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I don’t have any other symptoms of an infection. My temperature is low as well at 6.2. Is it also a sign of inflammation?


When you have an infection one of your bodies responses is to raise your temp, if you are hypo (underactive) your body struggles to raise your temp so you take longer to get better.


I believe infection and inflammation are closely linked.

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Sometimes people are diagnosed as overactive when in fact they are having an autoimmune flareup, hashimoto's disease. You have raised antibodies TGA and TPO. When you have a flareup your thyroid is attacted and some of it's cells are destroyed releasing a lot of hormone into your system, tsh drops, t4 and t3 go up. When things settle down you return to your true underactive state. It can be difficult to tell the difference in the short term. Someone with more experience will be along to givea more informed opinion.


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