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Interpretation of Cortisol 24 hour Urine test & Cortisol Serum test

Hi everyone, I switched to T3 only 4 months ago & am currently on a total of 100mcg T3 (taken in 3 split doses). Many of my symptoms have resolved & my temperature has raised but it is still slightly low & I still have a few lingering symptoms. My T3 levels came back at 4.11pg/mL (1.5 - 4.0) so I think my T3 dose is fine. I'm suspecting Adrenal Fatigue but where I live the cortisol saliva test is not available, neither can I send off for one. I had a urine cortisol test a few months ago & the results were 46.8μg/24 hr (values 4 – 176μg/24 hr) & was told by my endo that this was ok. But I recently read somewhere that if the results to the 24 hr urine cortisol test is within the bottom third of the values, adrenal fatigue is likely. So I had a cortisol serum blood test yesterday at 8am & results were 12.90μg/dL (morning sample 5-25). Could my lingering symptoms be caused by Adrenal Fatigue? And if so do u recommend Adrenal Cortex extract? How should this be taken? (Dosage & timing). Thank u : )

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Since you can't do a saliva test where you live you might want to try this instead :


Some people have found it helpful, I'm not sure how many though. But it has the advantage of costing virtually nothing other than the cost of some graph paper.


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