Saliva test for Adrenals V 24 hr urine collection

Can anyone tell me why my doctor seemed pretty scathing when I showed her my results for a private Saliva 24 hr test by Genova. My Cortisol levels are so high it's no wonder I feel as I do. She wants me to do a 24 hr urine collection instead.

Surely this method will only give me a daily Cortisol reading. At present my daily Cortisol level over the 24 hr period is 210.9 (range is 21 - 41 nmol?L My DHEA is way too high as well, but at least my Adrenals are still functioning!

Newly diagnosed Primary Hypothyroid!

But at these levels I'm sure to experience burn out. Is urine output testing better than saliva? I would be very grateful for any comments. Thanks

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  • Hi My Endo and I agree. The only really reliable test is a 24 hour urine collection, with a low cortisone tablet prescribed at midnight and a blood test at 9am. it is very reliable. You would not want to have to take cortisone unless needed, the treatment.


  • Hi Jackie - would seem that urine test plus ingestion of Cortisone,

    would be to access how well cortisone processed ? But if you

    just want an assessment of your own Cortisol level, then just

    straightforward Urine Collection

  • Hi I have had the full test several times once through the GP and once through the Endo, not difficult


  • Sorry Jackie - spell check my last - I meant assess ! Can't

    do usual Saliva Test this time (due dental), and considering

    Urine Test. Have done previously & yep, it is straightforward.

    Never had to injest Cortisone beforehand though.

    Pity there isn't Urine Test that includes DHEA aswell as


  • Hi It is such a tiny dose of cortisone it would be oK, but check with prescribing doc.


  • I did a saliva test. Took results to GP who glanced at it and said she didn't understand it. The advice on results sent said re-test in 3 months to check not in free fall-results slightly low. That does make sense but am I wasting my money if GP dismissive. I thought at least she might sending me for testing?

  • I understand that the saliva test is more reliable than the urine test. I'm hoping to do this soon, but privately!

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