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Just got my Adrenal Saliva test result and 24 hour Urine T3 result

Advice please


I just had my follow up appt. with my Nutritionist and she gave me my results.

Adrenal saliva test shows high (above range) waking cortisol, in range rest of the day.

DHEA low, result 0.08 range 0.20 - 0.70

DHEA Cortisol ratio 0.21 range 0.6 - 3.0

She is going to prescribe me Nutri Adrenal Extra.

My 24 hour urine result shows high T3, result 2394 range 592 - 1850

She said she did this test to see if I was converting the T4 to T3 and said it shows I am.

I said to her with the T3 been so high does this mean I am over medicating with levothyroxine, she asked if I was I losing weight, getting really hot and sweating and fast heart rate which I am not.

She said the T3 shown in the urine does not show what is getting to the cells.

My lasts bloods taken 12th Feb. were TSH - 0.10 range 0.35 - 4.70

T4 - 14 range 7.80 - 21.00 T3 - 4.4 range 3.8 - 6.0

I am taking 100/125mcg. levo alternatively.

Could anyone offer advice please I am a bit perplexed by it all.

Many thanks browny

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hi Browny x you may benefit from a low dose of DHEA as your levels show........ have a word with your

nutritionist see what she says. If you find the NAE's make you feel hyper then the DHEA could work for

you........... hope so ........ Hashi x



Many thanks for your reply,

my Nutritionist just said she would prescribe the Nutri Adrenal extra and said she could not prescribe a different one as most have liquorice in them and it raises blood pressure and I already have high BP.

I did not know NAE could make you hyper, also would I need to stop my levo when starting it?


The urine test may only be looking at total T3, but I'm not sure, however your FT3 result

is not that high and actually (if that is what is represented by 4.4) might need increased.

Total T3 only has a portion that is free T3.


Hi Heloise,

Many thanks for your reply,

On the urine result is just says Triiodothyronine (T3) so is this total T3?

and is the FT3 the blood result, is this the important one to look at when looking to see if I have enough T3?

Thank you


hi just wanted to leave you quick post as been in same a similar position in nov2013 i had the salvia test done and was similar to yours bit higher for cortisol and my t3 was high on bloods . and what i found out as far as what iv read on the stop the thyroid madness webpage about t3 is if its high it means your adrenals are stressed and your overconverting im not a doctor but i found this made sense for me, you need to support these adrenal glands and highly reccomend adrenal fatigue 21st century book on amazon. I feel since i have looked after myself better and supplemted with vitc and b6 and other things i have improved My thyroid meds still not right which is not helping as not enough but i have started taking nutri adrenal for extra support i think you are on the right track in my case the thyroid levels were left low for a while it wore out my adrenals i wish you the best in getting sorted sounds like you got a good person to help you



Many thanks Sara,

My blood T3 is under mid range but the urine T3 was over range and my Nutritionist did not really explain about this so I am left confused by it.

I have now got supplements to support my adrenals so I am hoping these will help.

Glad the supplements are working for you and thanks for the info. about the book, I will check it out.

Best wishes browny


your very welcome i know its not lots of information and the answers you need but the book you can actually download to your pc if you want info now best wishes i hope you get sorted soon and t3 info and salvia blood tests can be found on the stop the thyroid madness on the topic bar on webage its says adrenals and lots of info on there



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