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Help with T3 dose please

My endo prescribed 20mcg T3 to go with my 100mcg T4 from July 17 and I have a new set of blood test results in.

My FT3 is down to 4.2 which is lower than before I added the T3 when it was 4.6 and in Aug17 it was 4.8. The 0.2 increase last year was life changing. Though interestingly I don't feel as bad at 4.2 now as I did when FT3 was 4.6 when I started. Could my tissues be drinking up the T3 and leaving not much free ?

From 25 Dec to 04 Jan I took Teva T3 rather than Mercury Pharma T3 and it really didn't work for me, I was noticeably lower and slower and I was having heart palpitations all day long. Could have skewed my results 3 weeks later ?

Now I'm still not feeling as well as I did Q4 17.

Why might my FT3 have dropped ?

Should I up my T3 dose ? And if so by how much ?

My ferritin, folate, Vit B12 and Vit D are up marginally from when I started on T3, though I know from reading here that they are low.

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ps FT3 range 2.63 - 5.7pmol/L



If you didn't feel well when you were taking Teva T3 it may well have caused your FT3 to drop.

If you are feeling less well now FT3 is lower then try adding another 5mcg T3.

If ferritin, folate, B12 and vitD are low you're probably not supplementing enough. If you post the results and ranges and say how much you are supplementing I can advise.


Thanks Clutter, its a mad game this !! I will post vitamin levels etc separately.

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Suggest you get Mercury Pharma or Morningside ASAP


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