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Lab Results. Little confused with the results

I posted on here a few months ago how I thought I was dying because of my Hypo. Anyway today I feel great but my lab results don't show that. Currently taken 3 Grains of Nature Thyroid and 25 mg of Cytomel.

TSH 0.005

T4 Direct Free 0.96 0-82-1.77

Free T4 Index 1.0 1.2-4.9

Thyroxine T4 3.1 4.5-12.0

Total T3 72 71-180 I would thing this should be higher also

T3 Uptake 32 24-39

Free T3 Serum. 2.7. 2.0-4.4 How can this be that low when I been taken T3 since my

Last test in September

TPO 15 0-34

Thyroglobulin 1.0 0.0-0.9

Vitamin D. 39. This is odd because I been supplementing with 5,000 Everday for months

B12. Yes to high 1492

Iron and TIBC

Iron Serum 98. 38-169

Iron Blind Cap TIBC 274. 250-450

UIBC 176. 113-343

Iron Saturation 36. 15-55

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Your still a bit under medicated

You may find your need for vitamin D supplements decreases once optimally medicated.


Should I increase Nature Throid or Cytomel



If you feel great you are optimally dosed even if thyroid levels appear to say otherwise.

TSH is very suppressed. FT4 is low in range but that is quite normal for people taking NDT and T3. FT3 2.7 is low in range but as long as you are feeling great I wouldn't increase dose.

Is the thyrogobulin result thyroglobulin or thyroglobulin antibodies?

TPO antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

What is the vitD lab ref range?

B12 is usually high when you are supplementing. If you are not supplementing it can be indicative of underlying disease and you should discuss with your GP.

Iron looks fine.


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