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lab results

I've known something was off with me for quite some time now (I would say for about 8 months) but I thought with the right lifestyle changes and supplementation, my condition would improve.....well it didn't. So my psychiatric nurse practitioner finally ordered labwork to be done bc my depression was worsening and I was bone tired. I don't see an endo for two weeks, but perhaps someone may have some insight into my results ?

T4: 5.4 (range 4.5-12.0 ug/dL

T3 Uptake: 23 (range 24-39%) ---> flagged (low)

Free thyroxine index: 1.2 (range 1.2- 4.9)

TSH: 6.370 (range 0.450-4500 uIu/mL) ---> flagged HIGH

Free T4: 0.95 (range 0.82-1.77 ng/dL)

Triiodothyronine, free, serum: 3.5 (range 2.0-4.4 pg/mL)

Vitamin b12: 685 (range 211-946 pg/mL)

Folate (serum): 9.2 (range > 3.0 ng/mL)

Vitamin D: 28.5 (range 30.0-100.0 ng/mL) ---> flagged LOW

iron (serum): 30 (range 27-159 ug/dL)

Electrolyte and lipid panels were well within the normal ranges and I was not tested for antibodies that would rule out hashis (tPo and I forgot the other one)

Can anybody interpret my results and/or offer advice as to what other tests I should order ? I would really appreciate it.



Edited to include reference ranges

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Best to add ranges as labs vary 😊 Members then able to comment ....

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Oh ok. Will revise. Thanks for the tip :)


They should be next to the result - sometimes in brackets ...

TSH 6.3 RANGE 0.5 - 5.00 for example.

TSH too high and T3 too low .

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Thanks Marz. My out of range results were flagged, but I don't know what they mean exactly. High TSH would generally mean I'm hypo? Or is it more complicated than that ?

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Oh and I did edit my results to reflect the ranges listed on the lab workup. I guess I just assume there's a catch all range for everything and everybody here is some kind of expert. Lol

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Your TSH is above range

Your FT4 and FT3 both low in range

This shows you are hypothyroid and need Thyroid replacement hormone.

Your GP can start you on Levothyroxine

Are you in UK?

Yes you need TPO and TG antibodies testing to see if this is Hashimoto's. About 90% of hypothyroidism is, plus your vitamins are low. Very common with Hashimoto's

Vitamin D is below range. GP probably will give loading dose to improve. But if they only prescribe 800iu come back here for advice as that is too low.

Iron also low. Need supplementing

See SeasideSusie vitamin advice



Link to symptoms list - print off and tick all that apply , take with you to GP



SlowDragon, Sorry for the delayed response. I caught a bug and it took me forever to get over :/

Thanks for your response. I actually live in the states so even with my super expensive health insurance it's been a real pain to even get a referall to see an endo (have an appt next Tuesday)

I imagine I will get put on Levo since they mostly use TSH as an indicator (I've heard)

Is there additional medication they would prescribe for hashimoto's? Or does the levo take care of that ?

The psychiatric nurse practitioner who ordered my original testing did prescribe 50,000 IU vit D2 to be taken once a week so hopefully those levels will improve.

also, I appreciate the links as well! I looked at old routine blood work results and I have been deficient in several vitamins and minerals for years, but nobody has ever mentioned it. And my TSH was at 2 until this year so something is definitely wrong. thankful to have a resource like his forum as I am only 31 and nobody I know understands this stuff or has any idea how wretched I feel!

Is levo the treatment you are on ? Are the side effects manageable? I'm very sensitive to medications.

Again, thanks for taking the time to give me advice :) fingers crossed we can nip this in the bud

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As you are in the US your VitD needs to be 60 or above. Everything else covered above 😊

Were you supplementing B12 when tested ?

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Yes Marz, I am in the US. I have been supplementing with D3 on my own and just was just prescribed D2. Also, I have been taking a multi B vitamin and not B12 on its own. Should I do both or just switch to B12?

Thanks for your response. Would have gotten back to you sooner, but I caught a nasty flu bug that everybody in my house has had :/

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Unusual to be prescribed D2 in the UK 😊 The B12 in the B Complex would be enough to skew your B12 result .... so keep taking the Complex and introduce Jarrow B12 from Amazon - a sub-lingual lozenge. How much D3 & D2 are you taking ?

Anti TPO & Tg antibidies need testing too ...


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