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Vitamin advice

Hello I've recently had a missed miscarriage which I'm keen not to go through again my levo was increased and my tsh was 0.8 so really good but like with everything thyroid related I'm wondering if the pregnancy vitamins I was taking were enough for me. So as of now I'm taking folate not folic acid I'm using b12 lozenges and also vitamin d spray again I use floravital every morning too. I'm waiting on a gynacologist appointment to discuss further but I'm wondering about zinc and selenium magnesium and coq10. Has Anyone here needed certain vitamins to help conception or maintain a pregnancy?

Any advice would be helpful many thanks

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I'm sorry for your loss, Nettiboo1982.

You might be better asking about pregnancy vitamins on a pregnancy forum.


I appreciate your reply but due to my thyroid issue I was hoping someone who has the condition and has taken certain vitamins could offer some advice. Most pregnancy vitamins contain iodine and I'm informed I shouldn't take them



Iodine isn't good for hypothyroid patients taking replacement. Surely there are pregnancy vitamins without iodine?


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