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Friend of mine just got back is lab results no free t3

TSH (3.05) 0.450-4.50

FREE T4 (1.17) 0.82-1.77

IRON SERUM. (243) 38-169

VITAMIN D (28.1) 30.0-100

FERRITIN 887 30-400

Not much info base on what you see what do u think is going on. Always tired some days feels like he is dying. cold hands and feet. brain fog

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Your friend needs to ring doc tomorrow and make urgent appointment re. iron levels which are too high. If supplementing iron, stop immediately.

Vitamin D is much too low and GP should prescribe because the result is below 30 but will probably want to refer your friend to haematology. What about B12 and folate results?

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If it wasn’t for that high ferritin and iron result, I think we’d all be saying stuff about TSH being on the higher side of normal, indicating a struggling thyroid.

However... I agree with Nanaedake - this could be something quite different. Could be a lot of inflammation (if so, the cause needs investigating), could be haemochromatosis, could be a liver problem. We’d just be guessing - more tests need doing.

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I agree with the other answers: he needs to see a doctor about those iron and ferritin results. My niece has multiple AI issues, inc thyroid, but also has hemochromatosis, which is a hereditary issue with iron leading to its build-up. Lots of her symptoms overlapped but when she got the iron issues under control she was much better.


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