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Hello! I'm new here. Ive been struggling with Hypo symptoms for a few years now and struggling with my current Dr to get the labs I need to see whats going on. I finally did get the labs but she did not go over them with me. I need help deciphering all these numbers and what they mean. Ive been trying to get a referral to an endocrinologist but my Dr refuses to refer me, even though I know the numbers indicate something is off. I'm just not sure exactly how to read them. Any assistance would be tremendously appreciated!

TSH -3.22 ... 0.32-4.00

FREE T3 - 3.0597 pg/ml ...3.1-6.2

FREE T4 - 1.0879 Ng/dl OR 14 ...9-19PMOL/l

ANTI TG - <10 iu/ml ... <40

ANTI - TPO - 13 iu/ml ...<35

REVERSE T3 - 250 pg/ml ...8-25

FERRITIN 47ng/ml ... 5-272

B 12 - 727pmol/L ... 138-652

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Ranges ? Even without them the TSH looks too high and the FT3 too low ... Are you on levo/T4 ?

Also the following need to be OPTIMAL - Ferritin - Folate - VitD and B12. Thyroid hormones do not work well when these are all low in range - either your own or with meds ....

Thank you so much for responding! I posted the ranges that the lab put in. I also posted the ferritin and b12, which came out too high. Still not sure what all this means...

Your B12 is good - were you supplementing in anyway ? Ferritin needs to be higher - around 80/90. No Folate and VitD results :-)

As I mentioned before the TSH is too high and the FT3 too low. I think you may have put the dot in the wrong place on the FT4 result - could it be 10 - if so then that is too low too. If you are able to increase the Ferritin - and have good VitD levels along with Folate it could improve your thyroid levels.

Your figures do suggest you are heading toward being Hypo. There is a heading on the link below about - Understanding Results - and all things Thyroid :-)

If you are on a PC then take a look at the RIGHT of this page at Related Posts - if on a phone scroll down and down for the same thing. Lots of similar posts to yours ....

I was eating a lot of nutritional yeast, hence the high B12 levels. I "fixed" the FT4 numbers, as i have 2 different values/measurements on my labs. ng/dl and pmol/L.

I will look at the article you suggested!

Its more than an article - it is the main website for this Forum 😊

out beside each number should show the ranges..... I think you need a new dr....tsh alone without ranges show hypo...I feel terrible if it goes over 2...are you on t4 only meds....?

Thank you so much for the reply! I just posted the ranges that the lab gave me. I am looking right now for a new Dr. I know the TSH is high, but i wanted to see of there was a more complete picture with the rest of the results that tell me more. I'm currently not on meds.

YOU seem to be pooling reverse t3 and your ft4 and ft3 should be at least midway thru normal range on test to feel optimal usually or higher......I have never pooled reverse t3 hence my dr checks that a lot.... this and it can explain what is going on.....

Thanks so much. I read through the article. Too much reverse T3 means FT3 is not being absorbed into the cells. Rather reverse T3 is going into the receptor sites on the cells where T3 should be going in.

LOOK AT THIS ARTICLE... you may find more clues why this is happening and if you can address it or correct it.....

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