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Ferritin tips or tricks?

I can't seem to keep my ferritin up! It's so frustrating to see my labs bounce around between 25 and 35 and never get any higher. The problem is I have heavy menstrual loss each month. I can't get on any sort of birth control because I'm trying to get pregnant, and I have already had surgery to see if I had any fibroids or endometriosis causing the problem. It didn't help. I've always been this way since I started having my period as a young teenager. I'm looking for advice on how to get my iron stores up. I take the supplements but need breaks from the constant stomach issues they cause. I guess I don't qualify for a transfusion but I know my ferritin needs to be at 70 minimum! How can I get there?!

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You need to supplement iron to raise ferritin. If you take 1,000mg vitamin C with each tablet that will aid absorption and minimise constipation. Some iron supplements are easier on the gut than others but if you can't tolerate any of them you might consider cooking with the Cambodian Iron Fish


Well that's very interesting... I've never seen one of those fishies before. It's worth a try. Thanks!


You could consider taking heme (haem) or ferritin supplements. A bit more information in this document:

Many people have difficulty with iron - both haem and ferritin supplements seem not to cause the same issues.


This is something I definitely have not tried yet. Thank you!

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