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Hi everybody.

Last week my GP upped my meds, she has done all the associated bloods, called me today, I need a two month course of Iron supplements because my Ferritin and blood is very low, don't have the numbers yet. The problem I'm going to have is being very bunged up ! Any advice on what sort of Iron and how to manage the back log, scuse the pun ! Lol.

Thanks in advance.

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  • See what she gives you and go from there. Ferrous sulphate is the cheapest and therefore most often prescribed, but it does have a rep for either bunging you up, or in my case going completely the other way! Second choice for the NHS is ferrous fumarate, which is a little better and seems to be pretty well tolerated by most people. I took it for over a year without any problems. If you are still struggling at that point you might want to consider the iron supplements produced by Cytoplan. It can be a hard road, but in my experience it's worth it for the way you feel when your ferritin levels are somewhere close to optimal.

  • At least I now know why I'm so tired, I feel I'm on the right path, finally. I will discuss with the pharmacist tomorrow. Thank you for the advice. You guys are brilliant. Xxxx

  • no answers but so lol @ back log

  • HI If you need iron/ferritin supplementation , then it is usually for life, In any case you will need a test in 2-3 months, when it is fully in the blood, as told. Then normally at least annually. if Ferrous Fmerrate, have with food.it may be ok, I have a high dose and does not cause me problems, however, it my be influenced by the fact hat I have a Pancreatic autoimmune disease which also causes malabsorption. Also Spatone is easier .less side effect. GP do not choose it first as more expensive. Endo`s prefer it.

    Next time you have a test, ask them to write on a test for the % absorption, not done automatically NHS but them most important feritin /iron test., it has to be written on., by hand

    Best wishes,


  • the test for '% absorption' that Jackie refers to is called 'Iron studies' :)

  • Hi I am sure you are right, but in my case it was not done and Endo asked for it ( NHS) it was written on exactly like that and the blood test , shown like that too. I am sure you are right but I wonder how many Labs know that!

    best wishes,


  • Thanks for the advice. I have ferrous sulphate, 200mg three times a day.

    What fun I'm going to have,

    Sitting seven hours of gloom,

    In what we call

    The ladies room.

    Lol. Got to laugh otherwise I'm going to cry.

    Cheers for the help, I'm on the right road, things are being done at last. I may even start to feel normal soon, you never know xxx lol.

  • Hi It will improve, just takes a while and slowly. You still need ferritin checks, even on treatment. I am on 630mg, still very low. Sorry to be indelicate but suppositories, glycerine are very good and safe to use.Better I think than any meds.

    I like your ode, appropriate!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie

    Thanks for the advice, I have used the wax things in the past. I may seem flippant, but it is my way of dealing with things, the ode I read in a book as a kid, a poem about a girl who took her grannys medication and suffered for it. Can't remember who wrote it, but it's still in my head ! The rubbish I remember ! I appreciate your help, I'm new to this game, but thanks to this forum and the lovely people on it, I don't have to suffer.

    Thanks very much x

  • Hi Sense of humour vital with illness! Only way I survive all the time in hospital. Staff do not agree though, so serious!


  • Take supplements four hours apart from your thyroid gland meds.

  • I take my Levo at night. So I will take iron through the day and at least six hours before my Levo. I'm starting to rattle ! Xx

  • Hi' ', if my ferrtin is low 7 but my blood count is 11.8 should I still take iron ,I was on ferrograd wit vit c'but gp said no need to take anymore but restarted it 3 days ago , I think ref range is 4.8 to near the 100, but gp not concerned /advice pls:-)

  • If you copy and past your query onto a new question, others who are more knowledgeable than me on blood tests will comment.

  • Hi,

    I also have problems with iron. I asked for a slow release iron tablet and the doctor gave me Ferrous sulfate 325mg modified-release tablets. I have had no problems whatsoever on these.

    Hope this is of help.

    Regards Sarah

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