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B12, vit D, folate and ferritin

I posted earlier regarding latest blood results, I was advised that they were on the low side. Finally got to see the GP to discuss to be told they are normal. GP has prescribed Colecalciferol 20,000unit capsules

Serum vit b12 288 (211-911)

Vit d 53 >51

Serum folate 6.6 >3.4

Serum ferritin 8.1 20-291

Tsh 0.16 0.55-4.8

Serum free t4 9 9-23

Serum free t3 2.6 3.5-6.5

Currently taking 100mcg thyroxine and 20mcg liothyronine

I'm suffering with severe fatigue

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I can assure you that they are far from normal! Your FT3 is below range! How can that be normal? So is your ferritin, it should be at least mid-range. Your doctor is totally incompetent, and not fit for purpose. Is there another one you can see?


As you are taking Liothyronine presumably you see an endocrinologist regularly

Your FT3 is below range.

How long was it that you last took Liothyronine prior to blood draw ?

Same question re Levo too? This is also too low

Vitamin D is too low, should be nearer 100nmol

read lots of SeasideSusie replies re vitamins


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