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tsh 3.09

HI everybody.

my doctor diagnosed early stage autoimune hassimoto and ordered the following labs.

tsh 3.09

ft4 free 11.9 ng/dl range 0,93-1.70

anti tg <10 IU/ml <115.0

anti TPO <5.0 IU IU/ml <34.0

b12 538 pg/ml range 225-100

d3 17ng/ml range 30-100

she said my is still adjusted and no need to take anything than d3 but i feel i should try t4.

i have symptoms of tiredness low temperature high cholesterol all the time hard time to lose weight hard time on the toilet and my voice close and gets deeper if i talk a little more.

do you guys think d3 will help or should i try t4 too?


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Could you clarify which is your result for TPO antibodies? Is your result <5 or is your result <34.0. I'm presuming your result is <5 which means it's unlikely you have Hashimotos as your antibodies are not raised. Your problem is likely your extremely low vitamin D.


How did your doctor manage to diagnose Hashi's, with those labs? Your antibodies are practically non-existant.

Your TSH is a bit high but I can't imagine any doctor in the UK giving you T3 based on that TSH.

I think there's something wrong with the ranges you've given for the FT4.

Taking vit D will probably make you feel a lot better, because your level is very low.


my doctor saw alterations at the ultrasound but said it's still early for treament because labs are still normal.maybe in a few years.

nanaedake my results are <5

greygoose you are right

ft4 is 1.19

thank you guys for your answers,i am only 4 days on d3 so i will wait to see if i feel better.


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OK, so your FT4 is good. Would have been helpful if he'd tested the FT3, though. A low FT3 could account for the high-ish TSH - because your TSH says you're hypo.


ok i am new around i got it now.

maybe i should pay ft3 myself and see if i can find something.


Yes, I think that would be a good idea. :)


You probably will need to take T4 very soon as, apart from the blood tests, your symptoms point to you having Hypothyroidism. The problem will be persuading your doctor! Good luck!



thats my thought from what i i need to stay at 1200calories per or i gain wait.

by the way i am a man so thats low.


Well, you will be gaining weight if you need thyroxine. Your cholesterol will decrease on thyroxine too. In fact, a lot of your symptoms may be helped which is why you could do with persuading your doctor to try you on thyroxine.



and low body temperature and toilet problems.

i think i should see another doctor who will listen.

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Yes, that might be an idea. Tell them it is affecting your daily life and ask for a trial to see how you go on. Once you feel better there is less likelihood they would stop it.



hi guys i am 5 days on t3 now and most of my symptoms are gone.i am taking 12.5mcg per day.

what i notice after 3 days my toilet problems past to the other side and now i have diarria and my temp is low in the morning and reaches exactly 36.6 3 hours after i take my dosage but drops again in the evening.

should i spil the 12.5mcg in two and take the rest in the afternoon?

should i take it in empty stomach or it doesn't matter?

how long should i give it until i know i need an increase on doage?

i feel good now but i don't think my metabolism is back to normal yet.


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