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Homeopathic medicine for anaemia

Doctor Recekeweg Homeopathic

Hi there please can anyone offer some advice . I have tried everything to get back on my feet after taking Pleurisy eight weeks ago . I took allergic reaction to antibiotic my endo said I did my gp said I didn't . I have tortured my gp this last two months visiting asking for advice - I saw gp last wed was told I had ear infection was given drops . I am meant to go back to work tomorrow as I had my review meeting with my manager last Friday . I am exhausted no energy dizzy feel flu like if I don't go back tomorrow will they sack me !!! They do not understand as my manager said u had iron infusion two years ago why are I low on iron again ? I pay to see my endo as gp are useless and treat me like I'm a hypochondriac ... my endo upped my thyroxine two months ago to 100 mg but have not had tested again to see if it's working or my folate since starting medication .. I am scared to ask my gp for blood tests as they do not want to see me . I am main cater for my parents who have not been well . I have asked my work so many times to be moved closer to home but they refuse saying I don't come under D DA act or welfare rating as my parents are mobile .

Please please can someone suggest anything I can do to get better as me being ill is also putting a tremendous strain on my parents .

I also take vitamin d and bought magnesium two weeks ago .

Many thanks

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How long since your vitamin D was checked?

How much do you supplement?

Your ferritin was very high last test. humanbean may have some ideas on iron / ferritin


Hi Slow dragon ,

Thank yo so much for replying I take 1000 iu - it hasn't been tested in over a year. My folate was low too and they haven't tested it again to see if it has went up . I'm so dizzy sore muscles glands weak no energy migraines and emotional . I am meant to go back to work tomorrow but I'm not well enough .

Thank you so much I appreciate all your advice :)

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1000iu is quite likely not enough.

With thyroid issues we need or use more. Many need 2-3000iu as maintenance dose. 5-6000iu to increase from low levels

How low was it when you first started supplementing


My Gp takes nothing to do with it as it was my Endo that tested it over a year ago . It was 52 when it was last tested though no idea of the range . I have had a lot of stress as both parents have been sick this last two years .i appreciate all your advice as I have no idea what to do . My gp told me more or less not to come back as I just have to persevere with feeling sick .

Thank you :)


Can you see a different GP.

Meanwhile suggest you retest vitamin D - postal kit. Very easy



I could try to see a different one . I have seen three now all of same opinion as they don't like my endo telling them what to do as they have made so many mistakes with me . Do u think that's what it is that's making me feel like this low vitamin D and if I take two tabs would that be ok ?

Thank you so much :)


No it's probably the infection you had.

But getting vitamin D better will help generally

I would stay on current dose and order test kit.

Post result on new post when you get it

Looking to get level to around 100nmol/L


Thanks Slow dragon I think I need my thyroid tested at the increased level and the folate too . Thank you I guess that explains why I'm getting so many infections .

Thank you :)


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