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Am I suitable for T3???

Hello, I am a newbie here!

I've been reading some posts and wondered if you can give me some advice please

I was diagnosed with Hashi's two years ago

Bloods then

TSH 66.2 (0.35- 4.94

FT4 <5.2 (9-19.1)

Antibodies 489 (<5.6)

Bloods now

TSH 0.14 (0.27-4.5)

FT4 20.5 (11.0-23.0)

I am now on alternating 150/175 Levothyroxine. All my symptoms are back. I have severe tiredness, backache, joint pains and the tops of my feet are painful and swell. Every time my dose of Levo has increased I feel better for a few days and then the within two weeks I'm back feeling rubbish. I am on a gluten free diet, and I have to take Vit D as I can't seem to maintain levels. I also have blood glucose levels which rise every time I increase Levo. They are now 55 (23.0-41.0) and gp has put me on metformin for diabetes.

I have another appointment with gp tomorrow should I be pressing for a T3 trial and referral to an endo? Do I need T3??? How do I go about doing this? I'm in Lincolnshire Uk

Thankyou for reading and for your help


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You do not have a FT3 reading - so it is impossible to know if you are converting the T4 well or not.

You will not convert the T4 you are taking unless your levels of B12 - Ferritin - folate - VitD are OPTIMAL. B12 needs to be over 500 - and VitD needs to be around 100 + - Ferritin and Folate mid-range. How much VitD are you taking and which one ? What was your result when low as dosing should be done according to your result.

Metformin ? - that has the side effect of depleting B12 - which is SO important to the body. Surely it would be better to eat cleanly to lower sugar rather than deplete your body of B12.

The above website is full of good information and the videos I have linked are so revealing and show the importance of B12.


Thankyou for replying my most testing for those you mentioned were in oct 2016

B12 550 (197.0-771.0)

Folate 7.1 (3.6-18.7)

Ferritin 62.4 (13.0-150.0)

Vit D 47 (>75)

I have only ever been tested for T3 once when I was on 125 Levo

Bloods then were NOV 2015

TSH <0.1 (0.3-5.5)

Free Thyroxine 19.2 (10.0-19.8)

FT3 4.4 (3.5-6.7)

Currently not taking Vit D as I am waiting on another blood test to see if they will prescribe it again at 1000micrograms.

I'm sorry I didn't put all the info on first time, just getting the hang of it, thanks for the help


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Hi Ljcope - B12 looking better than most folk :-) Folate and Ferritin could do with a little nudge ! You need about 4000 IU's of VitD to bring the level up. VitD is fat soluble so best taken in a gel capsule - with the capsule being made of olive oil or something similar. Also add in Magnesium and Zinc as co-factors and Also VitK2 MK7 to ensure improved levels of calcium are directed to the bones rather than remaining in the arteries.

If they will not re-test the D - then private Testing is available from City Assays Birmingham - website of the same name.


Hi Ljcope and welcome to the best thyroid resource on the web 👍

I'm far from an expert on here and I'm sure other a lot more knowledgeable people can give a better insight.

Firstly it is extremely unlikely that your gp would prescribe t3. Asking for an endo referral is an option. Put up a separate post asking for people to recommend a good endo in your area by personal message.

Your test results won't indicate whether you need t3. You'd need a separate test for that. Most gps won't / can't do t3 tests ( even if they put in a request for one the labs won't test it ! ) . It does sound like you may be a poor converter. Although it also could be vitamin b12 deficiency. Fatigue and aches and pains are classic vit b12 deficiency symptoms. Ask your doctor to test vit b12 levels, vitamin d, ferratin and folate. These are all key nutrients in t4 to t3 conversion and feeling well. Do you have other hypo symptoms ? For example weight gain, brain fog, hair loss & brittle nails ?

Alternatively you can get private blood tests done which will check all the above and t3 levels. Then, if you have no success with the endo route, you could always self medicate by ordering it from abroad if needed, which would show up in the test. Try Blue Horizon or Medichecks for blood tests.

I would definitely mention the painful and swelling feet to your gp. Its not a symptom I've heard of with regards to hypo, but I could be wrong. Hopefully someone else can advise you on that.

Good luck 👍

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Hey Kitti1 that's some good advice there for Ljcope chillax y'all ;) Get yourself some pillowstep slippers Lj and then at least indoors your feet will be walking on clouds...I get this too; it's just another day in hypoland :(

Off to bed now so goodnight sweethearts xx

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Nice to see you pop in Rapunzel 👍 Hope your having a good golly holly 😀 N sorry to hear about your 'fat' feet. I've got soo much to look forward to 😂

I'm sure Ljcope if Rapunzel has recommended them they must be good 👍


Thanks for your help I'll ask for a B12 test I think.

I have posted about a good endo in Lincs, thanks for your ideas. I did have some other bloods which I have posted but they aren't very recent.

Thanks again

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PM me I am also in Lincolnshire and have a good but private Endo. Different condition as have no thyroid post cancer.


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