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Can anyone help with these results please?

To cut a long story short, ive had loads of thyroid symptoms for ages and ages but the tft always comes back normal. A few months ago i found this site, convinced my gp to do all the recommended blood tests, when tjey came back the lab had refused quite a few so i had provate ones done too. My results showed lowish ferritin but i was already being treated for this, low b12 but the dr said not low enough to treat, low vit d but dr said she wasnt going to treat that even though she acknowledged it was low, and my thyroid results were normal from her, and the private ones came back very similar for the ones that had been repeated, T4 was a little under the minimum under the range, T3 was low ish and tsh was middle of the range.

My gp referred me to an endo and arranged with the labs to do the tests. My endo appointment is tomorrow, and i had the blood results done just over a week ago and ive just got the results. I dont have the actual ranges this time, i struggled to get the results out of them at all, and they have only done tsh, t4 and t3 but id like to go into the endo as armed as possiboe so was hoping someone would help give me a guide as to these results please? Theyre very similar to last time

TSH 1.84

T4 12.6

T3 4.4

Any help or advice would really appreciated xx.o

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Best to provide result of each test with range of each test.

Vit B12 should be at least 500.

Vit D should be 100-150 nmol or 40-60 ng... depending on whether the lab tested it using nmol range or ng range.

So you need those lab printouts, so that you can post the info here and, hopefully, receive feedback.


Yeah i have all of those as they were from a couple of months ago, I was just giving an overview of the outcome of those. It's just the tsh t3 and t4 that i got the results of today that i was really hoping someone could help with. I couldnt get the ranges as well over the phone as the receptionist was less than helpful and didn't even want to give me the results, she just kept saying theyve been marked as satisfactory by the dr so theyre ok. There were supposed to be more than just that as well. Im at the endo tomorrow and cant get to the drs to get a printout before then.

Thanks for the reply though


Your Free T3 is too low for you to feel well - it should be towards the upper part of the range. Doctors, before the blood tests were introduced, always knew clinical symptoms and prescribed natural dessicated thyroid hormones on a trial basis.

Other doctors have written on the 'Tyranny of the TSH', meaning that we were diagnosed according to the TSH alone whilst ignoring symptoms.

If you have antibodies it's an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimotos.

Some people's TSH never rises high enough and this is from

Also look down the left-hand column of the above and select your symptoms either from hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune thyroid disease (hashimotos) and note the ones you have.

T3 is an active hormone and does all the work of regulating the body's metabolism.

This is from another doctor who has now died and he was seeing the 'left-overs' whom doctors wouldn't diagnose due to their TSH and they recovered their health. Excerpt:

This book was written to draw attention of the medical profession to a major faux pas in the care of patients with hypothyroidism. This arises from the inexplicable refusal of the medical profession to recognise that patients can suffer from hypothyroidism when the thyroid chemistry is deemed to be ‘normal’ if the free thyroxine or the thyroid stimulating hormone lie between 95% reference intervals. There is a further problem that when a patient is diagnosed as hypothyroid many patients receive too low level of thyroid replacement through servile reliance on thyroid chemistry with (often) cavalier disregard of how the patient feels accompanied by an implicit and bizarre belief that a level of thyroid hormone is a better index of wellbeing than the patient’s own view of his/her wellbeing.

This situation has arisen from the mindless deification of ‘evidence-based medicine’ which usually means laboratory-based-medicine where one chooses the evidence which suits and ignores evidence which doesn’t suit. There is no evidence that the efficacy of thyroid replacement is better correlated with levels of thyroid chemistry than with the initial clinical picture nor clinical outcome and in a small pilot study the author has provided preliminary evidence of this assertion.

(I am not medically qualified but had undiagnosed hypothyroidism but am now well thanks to


Thank you x

I thought that but dont feel knowledgable enough to decide if you know what i mean. I had my antibodies tested a few months ago, and i cant remember my results and dont have them to hand but they were both low, definitely below the range, although ine was a lot lower than the other


It's always better with the ranges, but applying Blue Hirizon's ranges to your results, I'd be asking about secondary hypothyroidism as it looks to me S if everything is low.


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