Possible thyroid issue, FT4 9.2

Hello folks

I am posting for a friend, possibly in the peri-menapause, who has some blood results which she would like some feedback on please. Background info no previous history of thyroid issues but has a lot of the kind of memory issues which I have ( hypo thyroid). My friend had a serious motorbike accident a few years ago and has not recovered from post-concussion syndrome, I wondered whether it might be to do with something else in her bloods. Also, has been taking citalapram for a number of years and is apparently being left on it to help her brain recover from the very serious concussion injury.

TSH 2.24 range (0.34 - 5.6)

FT4 9.2 range (6.5 -17) !!!! 6.5!! notes state that if patient is taking Biotin ( she is but only 50ug in a multi vit) then this figure may actually be lower than stated here ?? never heard of this before.

B12 958 range 145 - 914

folate 24.8 no range

Ferritin 73 range 11- 307

se iron 23.4 range 5 - 30.4

Some other results which may be an issue ( I have no clue :-))

Plasma viscosity 1.48 range 1.50 - 1.72

Iron saturation 41% range 14-51%

serum alkaline phosphatase 34 range 42 - 98

serum bilirubin 21 range 5 - 20.50

corrected serum calcium 2.23 range 2.23 - 2.58

Vit D has not been tested. I thought that the thyroid results indicate it is sluggish but the multi-vits seem to be doing a good job of keeping iron etc up. Clearly they are not going to test T3 as her results are 'in range'. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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  • It's well known that biotin interferes with thyroid results. I don't know at what level of supplementation it would make a difference but the general rule is to lay off it well before blood test. TSH is in normal range for someone without a thyroid condition who is not on thyroid meds.

    Do you know what side effects citalopram states on the patient information leaflet?

  • Citralepam is likely to have depressed thyroid function

    Head injury could well have caused central hupothyroid as TSH is low as is freet4

  • Yes, thanks , I agree. What surprised me was that the T4 range had 6.5 as its lowest point. I have never seen a range that went so low. I think they believe the citalopram is useful for keeping my friends brain more stable than it might otherwise be.

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