Possible thyroid diagnosis

Hi everyone, I went to the doctors yesterday as ive been experiencing some symptoms for quite some time. Being a typical man I tend to put off visits to the doctors and have to be coerced by the wife.

My symptoms have been chronic fatigue that comes from no were and hits me like a truck. Various aches and pains for no apparent reason, I can be prone to irritability anxiety and mood swings ranging from aggressiveness to being really low and upset for no apparent reason. I am over weight and have struggled to loose it despite diet and exercise.

One thing I didn't notice were my eyes and the fact that they are bulging. They are prone to becoming blood shot too. I also have red eyelids. I have pain in my eyes which is worse when looking right,left or up and down. It's like an ache type pain.

My doctor spotted my eyes and has done a series of blood tests to find out if it could be a thyroid problem.

I have other symptoms too but they may not be thyroid issues. I get an explosion type pain in my chest near my heart (heart has been checked out and everything is fine) I also get a tight constricting chest pain which travels up my neck and down my left arm.

Then there is bowel issues frequent loose motions and a horrible jelly discharge with a constant urge to go.

Thankfully my doctor is listening and doing lots of tests. Does anyone here think that I could have a thyroid issue?

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  • You should test for gluten and lactose intolerance as well as thyroid (that was my first instinct). Go get the tests, there is never any harm in knowing. All of these issues are manageable with diet and medication if you choose.

  • Hi my gp has done quite a few tests along wwith thyroid tests unfortunately I'm not sure what until the results are in. If the tezts you suggest have not been done and thyroid is normal then I will ask for it. Could gluten or lactose Intolerances cause the bulging eye symptoms?

  • Not sure about the bulging eye symptoms. I have come across it somewhere in my research but you would be better to do some research yourself or ask your GP. Sounds awful, sorry you have to deal with it.

  • You could have TED (thyroid eye disease). This can happen with both Hyperthyriodism and Hypothyroidism and you would need to be referred to an eye specialist for treatment.

    Your heart problems need serious investigation such as an angiogram and blood tests for cardiac enzymes. My husband recently suffered a "silent heart attack", he was totally unaware this had happened as the only symptoms he had were an ache (not pain) in his shoulder and down his left arm. The results of an angiogram showed serious disease in 1 artery (needing 2 stents ) and important disease in 2 others. Your symptoms should not be considered "fine" as they are not normal.

  • Hi I had an ecg yesterday which was normal and my gp listened to my heart. I had blood pressure done all of which were fine. Do you think I should still push for an angiogram?

  • With those symptoms I would ask to be referred to a cardiologist who can then do further tests if needed. I had normal ecg results but further tests showed microvascular angina.

    Of course it's up to you if you take it further but with "explosive and constricting pain" I myself would be worried.

  • I am worried and my wife mentioned angina too. I definitely have some very helpful info here for when I return to the docs. Thank you. Bloods should be back tomorrow.

  • An ECG should be carried out on a treadmill to check properly for angina. You may have the stable form that is triggered by stress or exercise. However, a thyroid problem can also cause such symptoms. It definitely shouldn't be ignored though.

    Pleased to hear you have a doctor who is taking your health seriously. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon so you can start appropriate treatment and feel well again.

    Carolyn x

  • If you go to the main Thyoid UK website and click onto Signs and Synptoms on the Menu you may be able to see just how many you have. The Thyroid can impact most systems in the body including the heart. Too much and it beats to fast and too slow when the thyroid hormones are low.

    We will be able to help you when you post your blood test results with ranges....

    On the right side of this page - there is a heading you can click onto to help you with posts when new....posting Hints and Tips....

  • b12deficiency.info/signs-an...

    You may need to have B12 Ferritin Folate Iron VitD all tested. Low B12 can mimic low thyroid ( apart from the protruding eyes - which I have been lead to believe is Hyper. ) Maybe you need your anti-bodies tested too....

  • i suspect you have Graves /overactive thyroid

    what illness is in other family members because this is an auto immune disease

    If you put your arms out straight fwd do you see a fine tremor in your hands ?

  • I would tend to agree... Or possibly early stages of Hashimoto's as the thyroid can become overactive for periods of time before it finally packs in. The eyes do suggest Grave's is more likely though.

  • My mum has under active thyroid. My sister is pretty ill at the moment and is fed by a tube at home. She had her gaul bladder out a cpl of years back which helped for a while. She has suspected bile duct issues but is awaiting an appointment with a specialist. When holding my arms out straight I do have a tremor I can feel it more than see it if that makes sense. Sometim I feel like im drunk or on a sedetive. I also seem to be slower less sharp than I used to be. As much as I don't want to be ill it would be nice to finally get a diagnosis so I can move on with my life.

  • If the cause of your mum's hypothyroidism is Hashimoto's disease it is even more likely this is what you have as there is a strong hereditary link. It can result in an overactive thyroid in the early stages.

    If your mum has an underactive thyroid because of treatment in the past for an overactive thyroid, it is more likely you have Graves disease, which would fit your symptoms.

    The eye problems do suggest the later is more likely but it could be due to other autoimmune disease.

    Sorry you are feeling so unwell. I hope it gets sorted out very soon!

    Carolyn x

  • seems to me you have graves disease

    your mum has Hashimotos

    and your sister has PCS or Sphincter Oddi Problems as a result of the gall bladder removal

  • Thank you all for your replies. Bloods should be back tomorrow and I will take it from there.

  • Don't forget blood tests are only a guide - going by symptoms is more important....

  • Hi marz I have read that thyroid bloods are not always concrete and symptoms should be considered. At the end of the day whatever the blood tests say I know my health is not how it should be. But with thw help of everyone here I know what to ask my gp when I go back.

  • Information is power ! Good luck when you see the Doc :-) Having knowledge gives you the confidence to ask the right questions doesn't it ? Good luck ! Have asked a few in my life - see profile :-)

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