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Blood test results re daughter and myself

Hi think I have the basic tests now. My daughters tests are taken every 3 mths hospital waiting for thyroid to collapse?

Serum free T3 level -

Serum free T4 16.0 pmol/l 12;0 --12.0 -22:0

Serum TSH 1.29 mU/ 0.3-4.5

On the results from hospital tell patient normal

Julie has constant infections on anti biotics and her neck gets swollen

Mine are again telll patient normal

Hit B12 folate sample slightly haemolyse

Serum B12 ---

Serum folate ------

Troponin T high sensitivity

Sample slightly haemolysed

Serum troponin 6ng/l less than 14

Se thyroid peroxidase An conc 20IU/ml less than 34.

Any help would be appreciated.



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What else have they checked your daughter out for? If your daughter is getting constant infections they need to check her for other conditions not just her thyroid.

BTW some of the results you have posted are missing. Did the lab not test these?

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Blue bug sorry ENT and Endoc the infections are all in throat and the right side off her neck swollen

On my results it states some results deleted with reference to Bit D doc informed me he was not permitted to do this due to cost


So has the doctor tested thyroid antibodies? Have they done tests for other diseases?

In regards to the vitamin B12 and folate - doctors and other medical practitioners aren't allowed to tests if they can't justify them. So if they think the symptoms are due to something else OR you have had the tests done in the last 2 years and the results are in range, they can't justify them.


Bluebug doc requester the anti bodies. I thought this was in my blood results. Julie wouldn't have had them done.



TSH 1.29 and FT4 16.0 are euthyroid (normal). If Julie's neck is swollen it may be due to a thyroid nodule or goitre which aren't affecting her thyroid levels. Has she had an ultrasound scan?

Julie's recurrent infections are very unlikely to be thyroid related. Her GP should be investigating other causes.

Troponin is a measure of cardiac injury. google.co.uk/search?q=tropo...

Thyroid peroxidase 20 is less than 34 so you are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).


Many thanks clutter was speaking to Julie she was told anti immune the thyroid was turning on its self that's why they are waiting for it to collapse something I have never heard off


Well, that's not exactly what happens with autoimmune thyroiditis. It is the immune system that attacks the thyroid, destroying it little by little. I don't think thyroids do actually collapse - her doctor has a vivid imagination! - but the cells will be killed off, slowly, until the gland is just a hard little nut, not producing anything. But, she will become very hypo, and need thyroid hormone replacement, long before that.


Many thanks greygoose Julies consultant told her this? Can you give my results a look over please


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