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I had a recent blood test which showed my folate level to be 9.1. I didnt get any ranges from the surgery but when I phoned them yesterday they said that my level needed to be above 3.8. My friend who is a nurse in the same area where I live gave me a range of 4.5-45.3 nm0l/l. I am already anaemic and on iron ferrous sulphate 200 twice a day (I was taking them 3 x daily). I just wondered if I should be taking folic acid. I already take ones which I buy online but should I be prescribed them. I feel very tired all the time and am trying to work out whats causing it. My thyroid bloods are ok TSH 0.01, T4 23.3, T3 5.7. So, I know it's not my thyroid. Although, have an endo appointment on friday. I was supposed to be moved onto NDT, however, the hospital sent the letter to a doctors in Hereford by mistake instead of my GP in Wales. I have never lived in Hereford nor had any appointments there so there was a mix up somewhere.

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  • Pinkgirl110,

    NHS won't prescribe folic acid unless you are deficient ie folate <3.83. Have you checked whether your folate 9.1 is ng/ml or nmol/L because the ranges differ. 9.1ng/ml is optimal at halfway through range.

    Adults: 2-20 ng/mL, or 4.5-45.3 nmol/L

  • Thanks for your reply. My result is serum folate 9.1 ug/L

  • Pinkgirl10,

    9.1ug/L is the same as 9.1ng/mL.

  • Means my folate level is at optimum :-), thanks. At least I can rule out that for causing tiredness all the time.

  • And, thanks for the link, its very helpful

  • lucky you I didn't know patients in Wales could be prescribe NDT. I think I'll move there!

  • The endo I have in Cardiff is also the only one in Wales who prescribes T3. I'll see how my appointment goes tomorrow. There is also a factory in Cardiff that makes NDT.

  • Let me know how it goes, it's not that far away!

  • Had my appointment with endo. He is keeping me on 125 T4 and 25 T3 and not changing me to NDT/Armour. The reason being is that I had a breakdown a few months back and he doesn't want to experiment with NDT on me at the moment due to my mental health. It's the 2nd breakdown I have had in 2 years. That's not to say that I wont be able to try it in the future. I just need to have stability first.

  • Stability is good. Thanks for the update and I hope all goes well.

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