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Bloods gone wrong

Hi this is my first post I'm hoping someone can help me I have thyroid problems both over and under at times but also have bad crohns.

Anyway I had my bloods after a bad time and they have come back bad my thyroid is just holding on but my fbc as come back showing anaemia and my serum c reactive protein level as also come back high but my dr isn't doing anything ..

Also urea and electrolytes have come back abnormal

Can anyone tell me please what any of these means I know I should ask my dr but there not too great at helping me because of my medical problems are dr just says because I have complicated illnesses there to be expected but won't do anything to help or tell me how I can help myself but I feel so terrible..

Many thanks for any help and I am sorry this is a garbled mess but its how I feel right now

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I too have Crohns - diagnosed over 40 years ago. Do you know if you have Hashimotos ? - have your anti-bodies to the thyroid been checked ? Crohns as you know is auto-immune and so is Hashimotos - as in many cases - including my own - they can go together.

Having Hashimotos causes you to swing between Hyper and Hypo. What are your latest blood test results - post them with ranges - either here or in a new post. People can then help you better.

Have you had your levels of B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD tested ? They all need to be good in their ranges and do NOT accept NORMAL from your GP. Always request copies of any tests you have as it is your legal right and you can monitor your own progress.

VitD has a very positive effect on Crohns as it is anti-inflammatory and a steroidal pre-hormone.

Click onto Health Conditions at the top of the page and you will find the article about Crohns.

What other medications/supplements are you taking ?

Most of the things that are raised could well be linked to your Crohns. So take one step at a time. Going Gluten Free will be a positive step - and maybe lactose free as well. You need to take steps to heal that gut :-) I'm sure all your vitamins and minerals will be LOW due to mal-absorption with the Crohns.

To the right of this page under the heading Topics there is one called Hashimotos with 935 posts - so lots of reading :-)


Hiya I'm not sure I have all the results you asked for I will post a new question with a picture copy of the results i do have any help you can give would help me..also I was told I have graves many yrs ago..

I also have eds type 6.. I just feel so shocking..


Hi I have tried reply before but can't find it so I'm sorry if I reply twice my tsh is .92they didn test my t3 and my t4 was 13 in Jan

I do take selenium tablets also vit d and crand berry but that is all I have had to have b12 injections before but I don't know if needed anymore I just feel so low


Follow the suggested tests and post the results. I expect your iron/Ferritin/Folate/B12 is low and that will lower your mood. Your FT4 seems very low even though you haven't posted the range.

So one step at a time - and read as much as you can. Have suggested quite a few things in my earlier post so am not sure what it is you want help with. How much VitD are you taking and what is eds type 6 - is it diabetes Type 2 ? How much T4 are you taking ?


Marz, it's Ehlers Danlos syndrome:–Danlos_syndrome


Yes sorry I forget its not common esp type 6..many thanks


Thanks for the link....

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I'm taking thyroxin at 125 mg and I'm taking 10ugs of vit d and 200ugs of selenium

As I have a young toddler 19 month I'm going to spend tonight reading the links you gave me earlier thank you so much for your help


Take it slowly ...When you are feeling stronger it may be good to have some more tests done to try and find out why you are feeling down. Having a toddler is very demanding and you have a lot on your plate....


Thank you so


Your urea & electrolytes may be abnormal if you are dehydrated, quite common when you have had a bad time with your Crohnes. The same with your CRP. I have lymphocytic colitis and this has happened to me when I've had a flare up of it. If that's the case, you need to replace lost fluids. Dioralyte is good to drink in order to replace lost salts etc. Clemmie


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