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Full bloods for thyroid and vitamins

Where can I get full bloods for done for thyroid thyroid linked vitamins and vitamin D, thiamin, and folic.

I am B12 deficient, I already know that.

And I know that there is something wrong in the thyroid department.

I am happy to go private , which I will have to do as it will be wasting my time to see the doctor for all these tests!!!!

I am in the Essex area.

I am looking too to see an endocrinologist. (Will again be private)

Waiting on recommendation from any one on here to see the best.

Should I wait to see him first then get bloods done????

Can someone advise on both!

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I would get the blood tests done first. Then at your appointment with the Endo you don't need to wait till he requests them.



Good idea

Where can I get these done ASAP

I am in the essex area, but happy to travel in to london if needs be


I posted this for someone else in the last few days, so I'm just pasting it in for you :

If you live near a Spire Hospital, you can get this test done, and phlebotomy is included in the price. Also there is no need to send the blood off - it just gets left with Spire :


Look at the right hand column - the Comprehensive Plus V blood test. To minimise the cost, you must order via the web site, not by phone. You should also use the August coupon code (see the top of page banner). Also, if you register, you get an additional 5% off.

It covers cholesterol, kidney & liver function tests, a full blood count, very basic thyroid tests, full iron panel, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folate.

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Thank you

I will take a look and get it done ASAP.

Now I need to find a endocrinologist that is A1 a specialist in all about the thyroid

Can any one recommend ?


007007 I have just ordered the comprehensive V from Blue horizon and now need to book my phlebotomy appointment at nearest Spire in Leeds. Needs to be early morning as the tests include fasting cholesterol!

I have used BH before and found them very good. The August test offer with BH is really good value as you don't have to pay phlebotomy fee. I added on test for free T3 and antibodies for about £50. I phoned them rather than try to order on line and they were very helpful, just say you are a member of TUK. Hope it all works for you


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