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Hello I have finished my 4 week of no thyroid treatment and here are my blood test results help I do feel unwell

Blood test result was taken this morning the Dr phoned me straight away as my tsh level had gone through the roof he put me on levothyroxin 50 for 1 month then another blood test but he has already said he might put me back on armour thyroid which I am going too fight for anyway just out of interest I am trying Levo to prove a point to them .

1 serum TSH 62.30 my/l

SerumT4 <4

Serum free T3. 0.5

The Dr said my piturity gland is working so hard too get thyroid going but thyroid is not working at all

Is there any advice you can give me please as I feel so tired

Many thanks

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I hope he puts you back on Armour as it sounds as if it did the trick for you.


There's not much you can do other than rest as much as possible until the Levothyroxine kicks in Hawthornefairy. Please be very careful if you drive as TSH >20 has been shown to impair driving more than being over the alcohol limit.

Were you taken off meds to demonstrate pituitary TSH is working?


Clutter. Hello I was taken off armour as thy said its not allowed anymore and NHS were worried about it and after a blood test I was over medicated they said but I felt so well I

Blood test was

Serum TSH. <0.01

T4 22pmol

Serum T3. 22.3

This was a month ago I felt so well but my Dr was ready to put me in hospital


I'm not surprised your doctor was worried, Hawthornefairy. You were very over medicated. Your FT3 is more than 3 times over the top of most ranges I've seen, your FT4 is at the top of the range and your TSH is undetectable. How much NDT were you taking?


And yes it was because my Dr was worried about piturity and my hyphalmus


I thought Armour was expensive as the pigs in question have had a porcine virus, I didn't know it was dangerous for humans.


If your GP is reluctant to prescribe NDT because of the issues, he could try adding some synthetic t3 instead.

I hope you start to feel better soon! Take care

Carolyn x


It's any excuse to save money, IMO. Fight for what makes you well!

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Thank you everyone for your help I was taking 3 grains one day and 2 the other day I was feeling well and my blood test from 6 months before was OK and my heart was not racing so I did not realise .

Glad my Dr realised .

I don't blame the armour or think its dangerous it was me not looking for the signs or checking my heart beat although I had my blood pressure checked a_while ago and it did not show up


I think because my t3 and t4 was non existent almost they said they might put me on a low dose of armour


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